‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale Included Derek’s Final Call To Meredith

Published on May 15, 2015.

Adam Taylor/©ABC/courtesy Everett Collection

Alert: Spoilers for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy ahead!

It’s hard to imagine topping the now-infamous episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which Derek (aka McDreamy) was killed in a shocking car crash — but the season 11 finale last night managed to bring the tears back to our eyes.

Much of the episode felt like a standard one. Everyone at the hospital worked to save Keith, who was trapped inside his car — and the interns even helped as they were able to save him, his girlfriend, Joan, and their baby.

In terms of personal drama, Catherine gave her engagement ring back to Richard; Richard made Bailey the new Chief of Surgery; Alex and Jo patched things up and looked at places to live; Jackson told April he couldn’t be there when she got back.

In the show’s final moments, we got to hear Derek’s final phone call to Meredith before he died.

“Hey, it’s me. I’m on the ferry. I just wanted to say, god, I wish you could see this,” he begins. “Weather’s classic Seattle. The water is so blue. It may be the most perfect ferryboat ride I’ve ever had in my life. We’re gonna do this a lot more when I get home, by the way, you, me, and the family. We’re just gonna take a day and ride the ferryboat, all day if we want. I love you, Meredith. I know I just left, and I’m not even at the airport yet, but I just wanted to say I love you. I love our family. And we’re gonna keep doing this. I’ll see you when I get home. I love you.”

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