Hilary Duff’s Ex-Husband Involved In Sexual Assault Investigation

Published on February 16, 2017.
Photo by Rob Latour / Rex Features

Hilary Duff’s ex-husband, former NHL player Mike Comrie, is now involved in a sexual assault and sexual battery investigation the LAPD has confirmed, but did not say Comrie is a suspect.

Reports about the case claim that a woman is alleging the Comrie raped her multiple times after she went to his home Saturday night after meeting him at a bar. The report from TMZ also states that Comrie is claiming their entire night together was completely consensual and sources are stating there was another woman involved, but was not part of the assault. Following the assault the victim then says she went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where a rape kit was administered.

Comrie was previously married to actress and singer Hilary Duff in 2010, but the pair announced their split in 2014 and finalized their divorce in 2016 and have always remained close friends while co-parenting their son Luca.

For the two years they were separated, there was much speculation that the pair might get back together; however, that all came to an end when Comrie reportedly went out and got so drunk he was hitting on and harrassing a waitress at the Beverly Hills bar he was at and at one point allegedly threw money at her and asked her for sex. This night is seemingly what prompted Duff to finally for divorce.

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