I Am Cait Premieres, Reveals First Moments She Met Her Family

Published on July 27, 2015.
(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

I Am Cait, the ground-breaking documentary series detailing the transition of Caitlyn Jenner who was formerly known as Bruce Jenner, finally aired its first episode on Sunday, July 26, and as to be expected it was packed full of emotions.

Jenner has quickly become one of the biggest transgender icons for the community and the inside look at her story hopes to bring viewers more awareness and understanding towards those who who identify as transgender.

While the episode was loaded with “firsts” for Caitlyn, the most powerful were the moments she first met her family as Caitlyn. “I don’t want to scare you,” she told her 17-year-old daughter Kylie Jenner upon answering her call via video chat. Kylie, however, was nothing but supportive. “You’re not scaring me. You look pretty!” she stated and later visited Caitlyn’s Malibu house and put her teal extensions in Cait’s hair.

Jenner also met her son-in-law Kanye West for the first time following her transition and the rapper had nothing but praise for the Arthur Ashe award winner, calling Jenner’s transition “one of the strongest things that have happened in our existence as human beings that are controlled by perception.” Caitlyn also praised West for how supportive he has been for Kim through the process. “I love how he’s come to grips with what’s going on,” she said.

Even though many important moments occurred in the first episode, the preview showed that many more had yet to come. In one clip, Kim Karadashian told Caitlyn, “You look amazing, it’s your time. But you don’t have to bash us [Kardashians] on your way up.”

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