Inside Teresa Giudice’s Prison Nightmare

Published on January 30, 2015.
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Lifestyles of the rich and clueless.

As has been reported around the reality world, RHONJ Teresa Giudice, is enduring her 15 month prison stint for a variety of charges stemming from tax evasion to obstruction and lying to investigators.

Anyway. She’s now a couple weeks into her prison stay, and her daughter Gia recently paid her a visit. Gia sat down for an interview afterwards, and suggested that it was “fun.” These people.

Read carefully, folks. If you ever want everyone to know that you’re lying, go visit a relative in prison, and then come back and tell everyone that it was fun. Obviously, nobody was buying it, though things in prison are said to be going as well as they can be for Teresa.

She’s allegedly struggling with the bathroom situation, because there is no privacy, and the rooms are filthy. She also didn’t get the job she wanted, which was on kitchen crew. She was relegated to laundry. Poor thing. And she has suggested that some of the guards are on power trips. You don’t say? In a prison? Excessive displays of authority?

But, she does love the exercise time, and is thinking ahead to her release date. Sadly, she’s experiencing what all time-serving individuals do during their first month behind bars: delusions of grandeur.

Case in point, Teresa has already started making a list of everything she wants to do once she is released from prison, and that list includes a cooking show, spray tan, massage… you know, all those things that are most important when you’re a free individual.

In the meantime, she’ll have another 14 months to think about all of those things, and we’ll see if that list doesn’t change a bit as time passes.

For more on Teresa, check out the video below.

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