Jamie Dornan Talks Getting Drunk With Robert Pattinson

Published on January 22, 2015.
Photo by Jonathan Hordle/REX

Jamie Dornan, 32, is starring in one of the most anticipated book to movie transitions with Fifty Shades of Grey since, well, Twilight, and funnily enough he has become pretty good friends with the male lead in that franchise, Robert Pattinson.

Dornan has had increasing media coverage as the February 13 release date of Fifty Shades edges closer and, while gracing the cover of Variety magazine, he spoke about hanging out with Pattinson and their experiences being “incomparable.”

“I don’t remember what we talked about the last time I saw him. I think we just got drunk,” he revealed. Despite Pattinson’s role as Edward Cullen being the inspiration behind E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey novel (via Twilight erotic fan fiction of course), Dornan doesn’t see a similarity between his Christian Grey role and Pattinson as Cullen.

“I’ve been around Rob long enough to see what it’s been like for him,” referring to Pattinson being thrown into the spotlight. “I don’t know if it’s been a benefit to witness that. Whatever that is.”

“By the way, it’s not the same thing. We’re not the ‘Twilight’ franchise. We’re a different thing. Whatever my situation is, it’s going to be different from Rob’s. They are incomparable.”

While Pattinson, along with his co-star and then girlfriend Kristen Stewart, seemed to reject the unbelievable amount of attention they got as stars of Twilight, Dornan says he’s going to deal with as best he can.

“Everyone has been saying that to me, ‘Are you ready?’ I don’t have a good answer to that, because I don’t know what I’m meant to be ready for. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll just roll with the punches.”

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