Justin Bieber Will Not Be Charged For Hitting Paparazzo With Truck

Published on August 4, 2017.
Photo By Marek Klimek/Newspix/ABACAPRESS.COM

After accidentally hitting a photographer with his truck on July 26, Justin Bieber has been let off the hook and will face no criminal charges.

The Beverly Hills Police confirmed that investigators concluded there were no criminal violations by either Bieber nor the paparazzo regarding the incident. Police revealed to TMZ that Bieber was “blinded by camera flashes” and was not at fault.

The victim, photographer Maurice Lamont, took to social media just a day after the incident and shared a video of himself in a hospital bed. Lamont stated, “Hour before my birthday hits, I get ran over by Justin Bieber. Isn’t that something?”

An onlooker that was at the scene of the crime previously shared details of the event. “Justin slid into his truck in the alley. He got in the driver’s seat and saw all the photographers flashing. He drove out slowly, and there was a group of photographers on the driver’s side and a group on the passenger’s side. Once he drove out, the driver’s side paparazzo started walking around the front of the car. It was like a mob scene, flashing at him,” the onlooker shared.

Lamont revealed that he does not blame Bieber and chalked the incident up as an accident due to situational factors. “He’s a good kid, though. I think the truck was a little bit too big for him, though, because there’s no way he could see over the front — it was the slope it was on. But like I said, he got out, he was compassionate, he’s a good kid, accidents happen.”

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