Kaley Cuoco Forgets To Thank Husband At People’s Choice Awards

Published on January 9, 2015.
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Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is definitely TV’s “it” girl at present, but accepting awards is still a relatively new thing.

Sure, Kaley accepted a big contract while on hiatus from The Big Bang Theory before this season, but still, accepting trophies where people are watching…? It’s a whole other deal.

To state it, yes, Kaley looked fantastic at the awards ceremony, and she has recovered nicely from her sinus surgery–the same surgery that had people buzzing about a “nose job.” Obviously she didn’t have any cosmetic work done beyond clearing some passages that allow her to breathe through her nose.

Moving right along…

Kaley looked like a seasoned award winner when she took the stage, but then she began to speak. She thanked a variety of people, none of whom were her husband, Ryan. Fortunately, Kaley was able to fix her faux pas while being interviewed backstage, and then Johnny Galecki did her a solid when the entire gang was on stage accepting another award for favorite comedy series. Johnny simultaneously threw Kaley under the bus, and thanked Ryan for Kaley, while working the mic.

Kaley should take comfort in the fact that her husband likely got a kick out of it. He probably felt the grind of her nervousness, and wished he could help her out, and was resigned to an “ugh…” as she trekked off-stage without thanking him. Surely, later in the evening, all was forgiven and forgotten over drinks… and stuff.

To see and hear Kaley’s appearance and backstage interview at the PCA, check out the video below!

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