Katherine Heigl Admits That She is Broke!

Published on February 27, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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Is there any work available for someone who is not a doctor, but used to play one on TV? Poor Katherine Heigl. Looks like she’s legitimately strapped for cash, or she is making a bold public claim before she files her taxes from the 2013 tax year. Allegedly, she’s broke, and doesn’t have the money to pony up funds for an indie film that she’s trying to make.

This is sad. And this is silly. Katherine Heigl seems to to have more sense than to make any such admission that she’s broke, but odd things happen when a person is running low on cash.

For those on the outside looking in: Hollywood is a strange place. There’s a very good reason why we locals consider it Hollyweird. Sure, it’s the things you see, but it’s also the behavior that goes on within a business that treats other human beings like snack foods. Here today, gone tomorrow… eh, just grab a bag of those new cookies, those look tasty. That’s how the business works.

Five years ago, Katherine Heigl probably thought she was the next it girl. For about five minutes, she was—she was that new snack that everyone was raving about. Then, the snack manufacturers realized that the snack wasn’t really selling. People weren’t “identifying” with it. (Yes, I’m speaking metaphorically.)

It’s easy to look at celebrities with recognizable faces, and think: How are they broke? Well, there’s a lot that goes into maintaining appearances, and there are a lot of people to pay when you’re someone like Katherine Heigl. Bottom line, she was overpaid for what she was doing in the first place, and it seems that she was told by her agent and PR team that the success would keep rolling.

The problem: Katherine’s movies sucked. It wasn’t her fault. The movies just weren’t any good. She should have done a powerful indie in the mix, not now that she can’t score a major studio motion picture.

Want the juicy details? You’ll need to check out the video below.

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