Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Night She Almost Died

Published on November 24, 2014.
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She lived fast, and almost died young. Kendra Wilkinson recently opened up, and spoke about the night that almost put her in an early grave.

Sure, Kendra Wilkinson is a little fame obsessed. We can agree that it’s her present addiction. It’s still better than what she endured in her teens and early 20s. Before she enjoyed the cameras and the celebrity status, Kendra was a self-described “druggie,” whose drugs of choice were cocaine, meth and LSD.

One night, while getting high with friends, she got completely out of control and kept hitting the stuff. Eventually, she was bleeding from her sinuses, and choking on the blood that was running down her throat. Yes. That would qualify as a bad night.

That exceptional sadness associated with this asinine, abusive behavior, came from Kendra’s “friends” who were sharing the experience. They didn’t alert any medical authorities, or call for help, because they were afraid of getting in trouble. So, as good friends do, they left Kendra, and let her struggle through it.

There weren’t many more experiences before Kendra knew she was done with drugs. At that point, she decided to get herself sober, and disassociate with the lifestyle that led her toward the downward spiral.

Still, if it’s not one thing for Kendra, it’s another. Drug use aside, she’s now dealing with the embarrassing personal drama in her life surrounding her marriage to former NFL player Hank Baskett. She planned to divorce Hank, but recently announced that she was going to take him back. This has been a yo-yo storyline for a few months now, but it seems as if the couple has broken new ground, and are planning to reconcile. It has been good for their “brand,” that’s for sure.

For more on Kendra and her melodramatic timeline, check out the video below!

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