Kim Kardashian Accuses BFF Jonathan Of Media Leaks

Published on December 1, 2014. Updated January 7, 2015
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Oh, oh, oh… everybody look out! There’s a hot scoop coming from Kamp Kardashian. In the new episode of Kim and Kourtney Take The Hamptons, Kim accuses her bff, Jonathan Cheban, of leaking family secrets to the media.

Yowza! That’s bold. It would seem the only reason to hang out with someone Kim felt was vindictive, or who was malicious, would be for a singular reason: to prove they were causing problems. In this particular episode, Kim plays detective. It’s akin to the skill set of the team on Scooby Doo, and Jonathan is none too pleased.

In fact, Kim was harsh enough to accuse her friend of leaking really juicy secrets to the media, and she asks Jonathan for his cellphone to see with whom he has been in contact. Jonathan didn’t play the game–or maybe he did–but he threw a little hiss, offered his phone and walked out.

Dunh dunh dunh…

Kim came to realize it wasn’t Jonathan leaking things to the media!? Say what!? Really? It wasn’t her longtime friend? Then who could it be?

According to Momster, Kris KarJenner, it was a particular cameraman who has been around the family enough to have the dirt on some insider knowledge.

According to the individual tapping these keys, it is always a Kardashian publicist leaking all of the information to media sources to keep the K Krew in the spotlight. And in regards to the immediate, it was a little side note of show controversy to get more people to tune in.

These people understand there is no such thing as bad publicity, and they have to keep the machine well-oiled and running to keep the empire growing.

To see the scene unfold, check out the video below!

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