Kim Kardashian Earning $85 Million From Mobile Game

Published on July 17, 2014. Updated October 15, 2014
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If IGN reports it, there’s a good chance there’s truth to it. The gaming super-source, has reported that Kim Kardashian has earned some $85,000,000 (the zeroes help paint the story for how absurd it actually is). This is her profit-share of the mobile game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

The mobile app allows people to obsess and fantasize about being a Kim Kardashian type, while pumping more money into Kim’s pockets. The purpose of the app is to create a celebrity life, so that your avatar/created personality, can hang with A-listers the likes of Kim.

Therein lies the first programming error. Kim is not true A-List. She’s a socialite. Sure, she’s also a business personality, etc., and is married to the most annoying man in music, but she doesn’t really command respect from the celebrities that other people really wish they knew.

Her business success is based on her looks and her far-from-reality show, KUWTK. And lest we forget, her rise to fame came from tabloid fodder following her Ray J bang session. When people suggest she’s classy? Please. Classy doesn’t interrupt a post-game interview following a Super Bowl victory, so it can build its own brand. (Reggie Bush really dodged a bullet by kicking her blind ambition to the curb.)

The actors, musicians and athletes on the real A-List have found out the hard way that Kim is a leech, and her god is money and attention. Now, she’s scoring a mega payday from a mobile app that basically encourages people to engage in her same mindless ambition.

Looking at it from an optimistic standpoint: In the long run, she’s done a favor to so many of us. She has created an entire sub-culture of low hanging fruit that will be the easy fixins for the zombie apocalypse. So… thanks, Kim?

To hear the money stats on Kim Kardashian Hollywood from IGN, check out the video below.

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