Kim Kardashian To Guest Star On Indian Reality Show

Published on November 18, 2014.
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Kim Kardashian is taking on India. No doubt it’s a mission of good will so she can start another brand, or continue to oversee a brand she owns, as women and children slave away making her line of clothing for SEARS. Still, as Kim preps to leave Australia and hop over to the Asian continent, she’ll make a special appearance on the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss.

Why do I immediately hear the man’s voice from Slumdog Millionaire… “Who wants to be… a milliunarrrr!?” Surely, all Indian game shows, even the reality based Bigg Boss, boast as much charisma? Here’s to hoping.

What is Bigg Boss, you ask? It’s basically the Indian version of Big Brother. A bunch of people in a house, trying to win a competition. The shows are billed as reality, but they’re as close to reality as having absolute freedom in a high school classroom.

In other words, everything… is guided. Conversations, plot points, character arcs, you name it. Sure, cameras are always rolling, but it’s not as if you’re seeing 24 hours of footage. The edit tells the story.

So. How does Kim fit into this scenario? How does she not? Kim is universal, don’t ya know? She can slide into any nook and cranny, regardless of her enormous… … …ego. If there’s money to be made, and more quasi-adoration to be gained from fans, she’ll be there.

More good news for Kim? Her sex tape is now listed as the best-selling of all time. Ray J knew it could be profitable, but this profitable?

Congrats to the former couple.

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