Nancy Lee Grahn Reveals Who She Wants Her GH Character To Marry

Published on November 3, 2022.

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When push comes to shove, General Hospital (GH) star Nancy Lee Grahn knows exactly which character she’d like Alexis Davis to wind up with – and her choice might surprise long-time viewers! 

Grahn ruminated on Ms. Davis’ romantic life during a recent Facebook Q&A, discussing her character’s current love interest as well as a possible future one. 

But first of all, Grahn felt compelled to address the elephant in the room: that many of Alexis’ romantic partners end up taking a long walk off a short pier. 

“I don’t know what it is…” the actress paused, “but I think as long as they don’t consummate…”

What does that say for Gregory’s life expectancy, then? “If we don’t do anything – nothing below the waist – he might live,” Grahn joked of co-star Gregory Harrison. “He’s a wonderful, lovely man.”

Grahn then considered which GH character she’d like Alexis to end up with. Disclaimer: fans of Alexis and Julian’s ill-fated relationship might want to cover their ears – because she’s going in a very unexpected direction!

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The actress revealed that one week before the Q&A, she and Maurice Benard (Sonny) were chatting about this very subject. “We were on the set and we were saying that when and if the show ends, that it’ll turn out that Sonny and Alexis marry each other,” Grahn revealed.

For the GH star, this coupling makes a world of sense. Not only have both actors been on the ABC soap for decades, but they get each other on a practical level.

“We’ve been on forever together, and they’re both kind of peas in the pod in a certain way,” Grahn explained. “She’s not afraid of him. The two of them know each other so well.” 

The ease of their relationship is mirrored by a mutual respect off the set. “Maurice and I kind of have that vibe in real life,” she continued. “We’ve worked together for 27 years. It’s easy.”

Would Benard feel the same way? He seems to have a one track mind on the issue.

Clearly, the actress has put some serious thought into this end-of-times coupling. Not only that, Grahn has also envisioned how their romantic scenes would play out.

“[The love scene] would take the whole hour,” she joked, “because it would take an hour for him to undo Alexis’ bra with his arthritic hands and for us to use our walkers to get to the bed.”

By that logic, viewers won’t have to worry about GH wrapping up for many, many years to come!

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