North West Pulls A Tantrum At Kanye’s New York Fashion Show

Published on February 13, 2015.

Ah, Kanye. The man who could fix all our problems if we’d just listen to him. Seriously, just ask him. He would, of course, be supreme leader of the world, but he would be a generous leader. Seriously, just ask him. Enough is never enough for Kanye. He’s busy trying to fill an insatiable hole in his heart.


Kanye threw down his clothing line at a New York fashion show, and invited anyone who is everyone in the music business. Well, not Beck, who obviously isn’t a legit talent, but rather all the people who Kanye believes to be deserving of winning awards and such: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Diddy… Justin Bieber. Rihanna. Some other people. Not Taylor Swift.

During the show, Kanye’s daughter, North, who was sitting on momma’s lap while drinking a juice pack, kind of went the direction I would have: “Let me out of here!!!” The tantrum wasn’t very big, but it was a lot of sitting for “Daddy’s big show.” Fair enough. And it wasn’t like there were bright colors or anything so delightful to keep a child engaged.

After the runway show, Kanye and his guests mingled backstage, before Kanye took the stage later in the evening to throw down a legit concert.

There’s really no denying the talent of Kanye West, but why does he have to be such a douche? It is appreciated that he isn’t a backbiter, and he’s unafraid of confrontation when he disagrees with something, but it seems he sometimes disagrees with everything. It’s cool that he has his own clothing line. Who wouldn’t want their own clothing line? But why does he have to be such a douche?

To see North’s “tantrum” plus a few moving images from the show, check out the video below!

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