Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2016: Who Does Ben H Pick?

Published on January 11, 2016.

Another season of The Bachelor is officially underway and, you know what that means: Another season of spoilers from the trusty spoiler King, Reality Steve! Steve was early with his spoilers this season and had already revealed the winner back in November. Unfortunately for him, nobody cared at the time – but they do now.

For those of you wanting to know who wins this season and who Ben H chooses in the end, keep reading. Those of you who don’t want the season spoiled, stop reading now – there are major spoilers ahead!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers: Who Does Ben H Pick?

As most of you saw in the premiere episode, there were a few standout ladies. The first impression rose went to Olivia, although Lauren Bushnell and Caila. Tonight we’ll see Ben’s first one-on-one date, with Caila, and she’ll quickly become a season favorite.

Alright, enough with the catch-up, let’s get to the good stuff! Who makes the final 4 and who does Ben end up picking in the end? Here’s what Reality Steve is reporting: Your final 4 this season are Lauren Bushnell, Caila, JoJo and Amanda. After hometown dates, Amanda is eliminated, followed by Caila after fantasy dates. JoJo and Lauren Bushnell are your final two this season and it is Lauren that Ben picks in the end.

Check out pics of the Final 6, plus a detailed breakdown of what happens this season, here!

Now that you know who Ben chooses, tell us, do you think he made the right choice? Let us know in the comment section below!

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