Rob Kardashian Rushed To Hospital, Diagnosed With Diabetes

Published on December 30, 2015. Updated February 9, 2017
Photo by MediaPunch / Rex Features

Out of all the Kardashians and Jenners, it seems Rob Kardashian has adjusted the least to fame and chooses to stay out of the spotlight.

For years the 28-year-old has been struggling with his weight and battling depression and over the weekend he was rushed to an L.A. hospital where it was discovered that Rob also has diabetes.

According to TMZ, he had no idea he was diabetic and it is extremely important that he went to the hospital, because if left untreated his diabetes could have resulted in a diabetic coma. The reports also indicate that Kardashian was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, meaning doctors told him that if he eats well and leads a “healthy lifestyle” he has a good chance of controlling the illness and possibly have it go into remission.

Throughout the year, concerns about Rob’s well-being have been brought up numerous times by his family including his sister Khloe who he lives with, and his mother Kris who stated in a May episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, “I cry myself to sleep literally every night worrying about [Rob]. It’s breaking my heart.” It seemed like Rob was ready to make his comeback to the public as well, returning to social media posting a throwback picture of himself; however, he has gone quiet again.

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The Kardashian/Jenner Family: How Much Is Each Person Worth?

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