Royal Family Shares Adorable New Photo Of Princess Charlotte For 6th Birthday

Published on May 3, 2021.

(Kate, Duchess of Cambridge via AP)

Happy 6th Birthday, Princess Charlotte! 

The young Princess turned 6 years old on Saturday, May 2nd, and the royal family shared the celebration with their fans by releasing an adorable portrait of her. The candid photo was taken by royal mom Kate Middleton this past weekend in Norfolk.

In the photo, Charlotte gives a toothy grin to the camera while wearing a Rachel Riley navy floral dress. The adorable dress has girly ruffles and pink buttons down the front.

The royal family has made a tradition of releasing candid photos for celebrations, most of which are taken by photographer Kate Middleton. The Duchess has been passionate about photography for years and is typically the mastermind behind the adorable celebratory shots that are released.

The photo of Princess Charlotte was released just a few days following William and Kate’s 10th anniversary. The duo released a set of portraits for the occasion and a home video of themselves and the children playing outside at their Norfolk home.

Happy Birthday, Princesss Charlotte! Check out the adorable portrait of Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton below:

(Kate, Duchess of Cambridge via AP)

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Rules All British Royal Children Must Follow

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