Scott Disick Is Apparently Back To Drinking And Partying Hard

Published on February 18, 2016.
Source: E! Online

For quite awhile it truly seemed that Scott Disick had received the wake-up call he needed after Kourtney Kardashian, with whom he shares three kids, finally called it quits with him after a rocky nine years.

Disick immediately entered rehab he said in order to be a better father for his children, and completed a 30 day treatment from October to November 2015. Since then, he has reportedly been doing very well, staying sober and working on co-parenting with Kourtney, that is until now.

Unfortunately recent reports indicate that the 32-year-old reality star has fallen off the wagon in a big way and is back to his old ways of drinking and partying until the early morning hours. A source told E! News, “Scott is still in New York, and he’s a mess again. From the minute he touched down, he’s been a trainwreck. All anyone can assume is that he met up with the wrong people – people who don’t really care about his well-being- and one drink led to another which led to another.” The source added, it is definitely these influences which have dragged the recovering alcoholic back down. “None of these people give a damn if he’s healthy or not. They just want to party. Scott’s back to spiraling.”

Recent photos from Scott’s big night out show the star looking like quite a mess with cuts on his hands and face and tears in his jacket.

7 Reasons Scott Disick Will Never Change

Scott Disick

7 Reasons Scott Disick Will Never Change

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