Selena Gomez Snuggles Up To Zedd In Newest Instagram Pic

Published on February 10, 2015.
Photo by Rob Latour/REX

Are they or aren’t they? Selena Gomez, 22, and DJ Zedd, 25, have not been shy about sharing intimate pictures of each other but not once have they admitted they are in a romantic relationship, although if the pictures are any indication, we definitely have to say they are.

On Monday February 9, the young pop star and actress shared yet another picture of herself with Zedd on her Instagram and once again the two look quite comfortable as she hugs him from behind, smiling, while he grabs for her nose.

She initially captioned the picture with, “Harry to my Sally #Feb22 #IWYTK,” but then changed it to only a smiley face with “#IWYTK.”

The letters of course stand for the song “I Want You To Know”, the first single to be released from the pair’s musical collaboration.

One Republic singer Ryan Tedder penned the tune and spoke about its release while at the Grammys over the weekend, “I’ll leave it at this: I have a good feeling you might hear it before the end of the month. The new Zedd-Selena record that has been buzzing about? That’s my song,” he stated. “[Zedd] crushed it. I went on a run today and listened to it on repeat in my headphones. Selena did a bang-up job. She killed it,” he added.

It is not news that the pair have been working together on Selena’s new album. They revealed that insist that through working together they formed a friendship that has led them to spending a conspicuous amount of time together outside of the studio. On top of the Instagram pics, Zedd and Selena also attended the Golden Globes together where they were seen holding hands.

If that as well as all of the cute pictures are not enough evidence that there is more than friendship happening with them, the fact Gomez referenced one of the most iconic romantic comedies with When Harry Met Sally before removing the caption, says a whole lot about this adorable duo.

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