Sinead O’Connor Won’t Appear At AMA’s With The Pope

Published on October 20, 2014.
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A little over a week ago, controversial singer Sinead O’Connor went on a rant on her personal blog regarding the American Music Awards, and the Pope…together.

The rant which is titled, “The AMA’s and the Most Appropriately Named Company on Earth,” rips apart the AMA’s and the people behind it for supposedly trying to get her on stage with the Pope.

Back in 1992, while performing on Saturday Night Live, O’Connor ripped up a photograph of Pope John Paul II, which got her banned from the show for life as well made her an enemy with many Catholics.

In her rant she states that her record company was approached by Dick Clark Productions to get Sinead to perform duets of two songs at the AMA’s with yet to be determined second artist.

She then states that s group of men had decided the person she should appear on stage with would be the Pope, “Wherein it was decided that it would be ‘A great hook’ to ask Pope Francis to appear with me,” she wrote.

The whole idea behind the two appearing together would be to “resolve her longstanding tension with the Catholic community.”

She then claims, “It was decided that these three stooges would (in all seriousness) attempt to contact the Pope via his Twitter account alone.”

Among other things Sinead wrote the whole thing was “warped” and “disrespectful” to herself as well as the Pope.

However, according to TMZ sources from the AMA’s have now stated that her claims are absurd and that it was Sinead’s people who wanted her to be on the show and “she will absolutely not be appearing on the award show now.”

It really doesn’t matter who started the idea, either way the Pope probably has better things to do then appear at a Hollywood awards show.

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