‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Asks Fans For Help Selecting A Baby Name

Published on July 19, 2017. Updated May 21, 2019
Rob Latour / REX / Shutterstock

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry’s due date is coming up quickly, but the star recently shared she still has not selected a name for her third child. The star even took to Twitter to ask fans for help as she makes her decision.

“I like last names for first names, how do we feel about Murphy for baby lo?” Lowry tweeted. Unfortunately fans didn’t respond positively, which surely added to her confusion, as 78% of respondents rejected her choice. Lowry later tweeted a screenshot explaining that she had 60 days to register her baby’s name after he/she is born, which luckily gives her more time to make a final decision.

Many fans have also been reaching out to Lowry to ask if she’s gone into labor yet, to which she cleared the air by sharing, “Been getting a lot of texts asking if I’m in labor lol I’m not.”

Kailyn is notorious for sharing news on Twitter, so we Teen Mom fans are looking forward to news that her baby is born. Regardless of the name selection, we can’t wait to meet Lowry’s little one and for them to join the Teen Mom family!

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