Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Reaches Custody Agreement Over Son Jace

Published on May 25, 2017.
Source: Instagram

Fans of Teen Mom 2 are well aware of the long and exhausting custody battle that star Jenelle Evans has been in with her mother Barbara ever since signing over custody of her son Jace.

In recent years, Jenelle has been working hard to prove that she is a responsible person and mother in order to hopefully regain custody of her now 8-year-old son, and while she and Barbara have now reached an agreement it isn’t exactly what the reality star wanted.

According to E! News, Barbara has retained primary custody of Jace but now there is a set visitation scheduled in place for Jenelle so that Barbara can no longer use Jace against her daughter. “I’m not restricted to when my mom says I can have my son anymore, and at the moment that’s all I care about,” Jenelle stated. “I just want to spend time with my son. He will be home one day but today wasn’t the day, sadly.”

Despite her positive attitude, Jenelle admitted that she “burst out into tears in the conference room” after the judge made the decision, and added that her relationship with her mother is still minimal. “I’m really happy we could come to a decision for Jace but it doesn’t change my feelings towards my mom. She still isn’t giving up my son to me but I will fight again in the future when the time is right.” She added, “I am happy but devastated at the same time that I didn’t take it to trial. But in the world of Jenelle, you learn to pick and choose your battles.”

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Teen Mom 2

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