Teen Mom 2’s Jeremy Calvert Slams The Show’s Stars In Instagram Post

Published on November 2, 2017.
Source: Instagram

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have seen less and less of Jeremy Calvert since his divorce from star Leah Messer, and it certainly isn’t anything new for Calvert to rant about the network and series.

The Teen Mom 2 dad took to his Instagram recently to post an image and write, “Dude if ur f-cking married or engaged don’t send me fucking shit on here or snap chat like wtf. it’s killing me not to call u bitches out on here. Get ur shit together 99% of you have fucking kids and a family stop trying to f-ck it up. #thristyaf” in a rant that started out being about married women popping up in his DMs, but in the comment section it turned into a rant about the show.

“No one on this show is famous for anything no one had a talent no one sings or plays a sport or anything,” he wrote in the comments adding, “They had a oh s–t moment and MTV needed something to make cash off of and boom well f–k how about teen mom it’s a f–king joke.”

Calvert continued to blast MTV after several fans pointed out that he still appears on the show and gets a paycheck from the network for doing so, just the female stars. “Yup u are 1000% correct but guess what I don’t need MTV to pay my motherf–king bulls either never did and never will…,” he wrote.

By now, fans of the series are used to Calvert’s attitude towards the show, but no matter how many times he quits or has awful things to say, he always comes back.

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