The Amazing Way Paul Walker’s Family Remembers Him

Published on April 7, 2015.
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We can presume that Paul would be stoked about the reception of Furious 7, but moving forward, there’s something bigger he may be remembered for.

Many years from now, as the Fast and Furious franchise will eventually come to an end–or to the point of of a reboot–and people will stop talking so much about Paul Walker the actor, and more about the guy who was an actor, but who founded, and was active with Reach Out World Wide (ROWW) .

Paul’s charity organization was actively involved in the relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti to the tornado that swept through Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and most recently ventured to the Philippines to offer relief and recovery.

Paul was so hands-on with his charity that he was named the 4th most charitable celebrity in 2013 by Of course, the thing about Paul… he gave with his right hand, so his left hand didn’t know what he was doing. Simply put, he was very quiet about his charity. His charity was not about him, it was about the people receiving the aid they so greatly needed. Even with ROWW, his time and fundraising was massive, but echoed no louder than a pebble in a pond. Still, the ripple effect from that has spread.

Paul’s brothers have taken an active role in ensuring the continuation of ROWW, and brother Cody, who has served as a paramedic in his career life has taken on the most active role in furthering the charitable organization. His first big step was a trip to the Philippines last November to administer vaccinations and provide relief aid following the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Pam.

Paul’s films will always be enjoyed, but it’s his charitable legacy that will forever appreciate.

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