The Masked Singer Reveals Celebrities Behind Thingamajig And Leopard

Published on December 12, 2019.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Masked Singer, we didn’t just get gifted one elimination – we got two!

The holidays arrived early for the masked celebrity singing competition, and each contestant brought a gift to the judges, a gift that was a clue about their identity.

In Fox’s video, he talked about that he is not to be “slept on,” and he showed a tiny word on a piece of paper that read: “Richard.” He gifted the judges a photo of the Rabbit, who participated last season, and told the judges that Rabbit (who was Joey Fatone underneath the mask) came to visit his “foxhole” and said to him that he’d love the show.

As for Rottweiler’s video, he displayed a gift that was addressed to “Candace” and gave one member of their family a passport. After his performance, he presented the judges with a homemade Christmas card. Inside the car was a photo he drew of himself with the judges. “I believe handmade is always better than store-bought,” Rottweiler said.

During Flamingo’s video, she was “hysterically crying” underneath her costume when she found out that she had a spot in the semifinals. Her video also included pancakes, a basketball, and a leopard suitcase. The clue she presented to the panelist was a globe with Israel marked on it. Flamingo then said to the judges she was baptized there. Both Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger then guessed the celebrity under the mask had to be Adrienne Bailon.

Next, we saw Leopard’s video speak a lot about his “cubs” and being a father. He went on to show a CD that said “CANCELED” across it. His gift to the judges was a blueprint of a new home – where he joked with Nick Cannon that he would share it with him.

Lastly, in Thingamajig’s video, he talked about having a “tough year” with many “obstacles,” but is reminded that his family is the most important to him. The gift he presented was an Indiana Jones hat and a whip. He mentioned that while he’s a “movie buff,” this clue required “a little more digging” to find out his true identity.

Strangely enough, Ken Jeong made an accurate guess on who the voice behind Thingamajig; the masked celebrity played for the Indiana Paces; Jeong guessed it was Victor Oladipo.

In the end, his guess was right – Victor was revealed to be the celebrity behind Thingamajig. While Victor was the first of two to be unmasked, the second one was Leopard – who turned out to be “Kiss from a Rose” singer Seal!

Earlier this week, we saw Tree eliminated from the show and revealed to be former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams.

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