‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Premiere Reveals The Celebrity Behind Robot

Published on February 3, 2020.

While the Super Bowl was a big event for many, Masked Singer host Nick Cannon said, the big game is really just the pregame to what everybody was looking forward to: the season 3 premiere of the singing competition!

Cannon, alongside four familiar judges: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger, returned to the judging panel for the season and were joined by guest judge Jamie Foxx for the premiere.

Season 3 of The Masked Singer will be different from the previous seasons. Instead of 16 contestants participating like in season two, fans will be meeting 18 throughout season three, with Group A competing in the first three episodes.

On Sunday night, viewers met the members of Group A: White Tiger, Turtle, Llama, Miss Monster, Robot, and Kangaroo. The Masked Singer then teased at who will be in Group B and Group C. The second group will consist of Banana, Elephant, Frog, Mouse, Taco, and Kitty; while the third group includes Astronaut, Night Angel, Rhino, Bear, Swan, and T Rex.

White Tiger kicked the premiere off with a strong and fiery performance. Next, the punk-looking Turtle sang one of Seal’s iconic songs.

Then, Llama, was joined by multiple llama dancers. After, we saw a tale of love blossom as Miss Monster was accompanied by Season 1 winner Monster on stage.

Even though Robot busted out the moves, it was Kangaroo who impressed the judges and audience with an amazing performance – a great way to end the premiere episode.

The audience and judge panel selected their favorite performers, meaning that the contestant with the least votes would be sent home, and the costumed contestant that was eliminated in the premiere episode of The Masked Singer season 3 was… Robot.

Cannon lifted off the Robot’s mask to reveal Lil Wayne! The rapper, who just released a new album, is a Masked Singer fan according to season one’s winner T-Pain. Some of the most telling signs included the image of a firetruck, which may reference Wayne’s song “Fireman” and his gravelly-like vocals.

“This is the most shocked I’ve ever been on this show,” Thicke said of Lil Wayne.

Next week, the five contestants in Group A will battle it out in the second round.

The Masked Singer airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.


Fox’s Hit Series The Masked Singer: Everything You Need To Know

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Fox’s Hit Series The Masked Singer: Everything You Need To Know

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