The Voice Winner, Craig Wayne Boyd, Snubs Fans?

Published on December 18, 2014.
(AP Photo/NBC-TV, Trae Patton)

“When you’re a celebrity–especially a new one–people expect more of you than they do everyone else.”

-Captain Obvious, 2014

World society has to get a grip on the celeb worship. Case in point: The individuals disappointed that Craig Wayne Boyd, winner of The Voice, didn’t make time for photos and autographs as he was guided to a waiting car by handlers.

Craig, looking like he needed a few more hours of sleep, recently ventured from building to car in New York City, to be greeted by a few fans along the way. He was guided by his PR and AR people, and the poor dude looked a little wide-eyed at everything that was happening. He tried to offer an autograph, and slide into a selfie with a fan, but the train was a’movin’.

A few fans were disappointed, and felt snubbed, because Craig jumped into the waiting vehicle. One fan even remarked that Craig was starting out on the wrong foot. You can see that in the video below.

Here’s the deal, people. Craig is basically being paraded in a dog and pony show at present. Not only that, he’s likely been told by some individual to “rest his voice,” because he’ll be enduring so much vocal stress in the upcoming days and weeks. This is no joke. This is how it goes down. Additionally, he’s been told to stick close to his handlers, and how important it is to stick to the schedule in order to capitalize off the biggest he’ll ever be. Craig will likely never be hotter than he is coming off The Voice.

Consider past winners. Consider the king, American Idol. Three, maybe four contestants have gone on to grow in popularity?

So, rest easy, fans of Craig. You’ll eventually have the opportunity to score that selfie, or get that autograph… if you haven’t already moved on to the next big thing.

To see the incident, check out the video on TMZ

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