“Untouched” Photo Of Cindy Crawford Was A Fake

Published on March 3, 2015.
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If you  thought it was too good to be true, you were ahead of the curve.

Remember that photo of Cindy Crawford that allegedly leaked from a 2013 Marie Claire shoot? The photo that was “untouched,” and had yet to be touched by Photoshop artists? Yeah. That one. It was completely retouched. Totally fake. All the goodies around the waistline were additions to the original photo, which photographer, John Russo, says was taken from the collection without permission.

Whoever got their hands on the photo allegedly added all those things people wish they had in common with Cindy Crawford: wrinkles here, cellulite there… nope. Not actuality. Russo is demanding the photo be removed from its many posts, claiming that the image is “fraudulent.” Sadly, he’ll find that eradicating a viral photo is about as easy as eradicating a viral disease.

Cindy’s husband, Rande Gerber, decided he’d offer his own rebuttal to the leaked “fake” photo, by posting an Instagram pic of Cindy on Valentine’s Day. She’s poolside, in a bikini, and there is no extra on the belly, nor one flaw in her skin. Sorry folks, she doesn’t age like the rest of us.

One has to admire her “I don’t really give a flip” attitude about the whole thing. She could have cried foul when the photo began circulating, but sometimes you have to let people believe what they see on the Internet. Sadly, if it’s on TV, the Internet or a YouTube video, people struggle to sift through the fiction, or double back with some research.

For more on this odd grab at attention by someone who doctored up a photo for Internet hits, and to see what Cindy really looks like in 2015, check out the video below.

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Things You Might Not Know About Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber’s Relationship

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