Vanderpump Rules: Stassi Accidentally Reveals A Huge Secret

Published on March 18, 2015.

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The Vanderpump Rules reunion special included plenty of drama — including when Stassi Schroeder told the world about her sex tape!

Stassi explained to everyone why it is that she hates her co-star Scheana Marie so much. “Should I bring up why I actually hate Scheana?” she said, waving her arms dramatically.

“If I hated somebody, and I saw that their ex-boyfriend was showing a video, I would get on the phone immediately. I’d say, put that f—ing sh– away.”

Scheana claimed that she did react that way, but Stassi refuted that, saying that Scheana watched the sex tape and let others watch it as well. Check out the video to see Scheana’s reaction to Stassi’s attack!

It turned out that not everyone in the cast was aware of the sex tape drama, so it looks as though Stassi may have drawn even more attention to something she wanted to keep secret.

“To say it gently, you are hurt because there’s a piece of videotape that you’re not proud of,” host Andy Cohen said. It’s also been confirmed that Stassi’s sex tape is a solo one.

Perhaps the “drama” is fabricated and Stassi is actually trying to drum up publicity to make a sale?

Stassi claims she was just trying to explain that she’s “not a f—ing awful person,” and that the drama was “the darkest point in my life.”

Check out the video to see the drama unfold:

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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules: Stassi Schroeder’s 10 Best Quotes

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