Y&R Spoilers For October 9, 2018 – Ashley Vs. Kyle

Published on October 9, 2018.

Today on The Young and the Restless, now that Ashley is CEO of Jabot, Kyle is going to suggest to Ashley that she make him COO, but she’s going to reject that idea. That’s not all she’s going to do. She’s also going to bring up that Kyle was actively involved in Billy’s takedown and that she could have him fired for this. Kyle will not be happy and will tell her that she was involved too, but she kept her hands clean because she had him do all of her dirty work. Now that these two are enemies, what will happen next?

Want to know what else is going to happen this week with Ashley,Vicky, Nikki, Nick, Sharon, Phyllis, Rey, Kyle, Lola, Summer and Jack? Check out our weekly spoilers for the week for the Y&R.

Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (October 8, 2018)

9. Living The Single Life

Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick will have a hard time adjusting to the single life this week. He will have a rough time trying to move on without Sharon, especially with the way things exploded at the wedding. This is the second wedding that these two have planned, which hasn’t gone through. Here’s hoping they take a long break from each other. Maybe it is just not meant to be.

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8. Party Crasher

Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick will crash a party later on in the week. Summer could be at the event, or Nick just finds her. Either way, she’ll get scolded hard by daddy dearest for spilling the beans to Mariah about his one-night stand with Phyllis, essentially breaking the agreement they had. In fact, he’ll demand for all of his money back.

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7. Rey Comforts Sharon

Meanwhile, Y&R spoilers indicate Sharon will have a hard week; however, Rey will be there to support her. In fact, Sharon will swing by his new apartment, and Rey will launch a paint war on her and sister Lola. This is the fun stuff Sharon needs right now to get over Nick.

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6. Lola And Kyle

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers indicate that Lola and Kyle will hang out this week. In fact, they’ll head out on a date and enjoy a nice kiss. Interestingly enough, Summer will see the two lock lips and feel a little green about the entire situation. Seems like a Summer/Lola/Kyle love triangle may be on the horizon.

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5. Problems on the Horizon for Ashley

Ashley is headed for a huge week, not only is she sitting pretty as the CEO of Jabot, Neil will work hard to romance her as well. However, this huge wave that Ashley is riding is soon to come to a halt thanks to Andrew, the chemist, that was seen in late September. He’ll be back this week and it seems like he has a huge secret that could be spilled.

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4. Ashley In The Hot Seat

Andrew’s role all starts off when Ashley turns Kyle’s COO request down this week. Andrew tries to blackmail Ashley by asking for a huge sum to keep him quiet regarding the trial project, and even offers Kyle the information on Auntie Ash for a price. This exit storyline for Ashley is getting good!

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3. Jack’s Discovery

In fact, there is a good reason to believe that Ashley may also be behind Jack’s paternity issues. Y&R spoilers indicate that Jack will uncover something shocking soon, and he’ll be very upset about what he finds out. So much so that he takes a Jabot office chair and throws it at the window (watch out down below)! The Abbott family is set to face a huge crisis, and spoilers are teasing that Jack may be John’s bio son after all.

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2. Lily’s World Falling Apart

Lily will continue to struggle in prison, and thankfully husband Cane will be there to step it up a bit. Lily will feel as if her whole world is crumbling, and Cane will try and become the rock that she needs. These two have an incredible love story that only continues to grow throughout this entire storyline.

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1. Cryptic Message

It seems that Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis will all receive a crazy message that Vicky got this week. They’ll turn crazy paranoid, making them believe that someone knows about the J.T. murder cover-up. Nikki and Vicky will talk about it early on in the week, and Victoria will desperately try to keep Sharon and Phyllis on the same page. Nikki will be very worried about the individual behind this revenge plot.

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