10 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (July 30, 2018)

Published on July 30, 2018.

As if last week’s Young and the Restless (Y&R) wasn’t emotional enough, viewers need to gear up around the aftermath of Hilary’s death. This week viewers will see Devon dive into work, while Cane tries to protect Lily, and Mariah will honor Hilary. Learn about these stories and more in the Y&R spoilers for the week of July 30, 2018.

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10. Devon Dives Into Work

Devon will feel the only way to get past the grief of losing Hilary is to bury himself in his work. Concerned dad Neil will try and step in; however, we all know how stubborn Devon can be. Here’s hoping that Neil can talk some sense into him so that Devon can allow himself to grieve over this incredible loss.

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9. Cane Tries To Protect Lily

Y&R spoilers indicate that Cane will try and protect Lily this week. He doesn’t want her knowing that she essentially caused the car accident that killed Hilary because she ran a red light. Unfortunately, shocking new information could ruin Cane’s plans. Perhaps some evidence emerges, linking Lily’s mistake to the accident. If that’s the case, there won’t be much more that Cane can do for his wife.

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8. Devon Accuses Lily

Even with Cane’s protection, accusations will be thrown Lily’s way this week. A fight ensues at Hilary’s funeral between siblings when Devon accuses Lily of intentionally causing the accident that took Hilary’s life. It seems that Hilary’s funeral promises to be a chaotic and drama-filled episode that Y&R fans won’t want to miss.

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7. A Celebration Of Hilary’s Life

Mariah will take the opportunity to honor Hilary’s life on a GC Buzz episode. She’ll try and hold back her emotions the best she can, and it’ll be a beautiful show that will celebrate Hilary and all her on-air accomplishments. Even better for Mariah, Tessa will be waiting in the wings when it’s done.

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6. Tessa and Mariah

Y&R spoilers indicate that Tessa will help Mariah during this hard time. While it seems like the plan to look for Chrystal is not happening, these two ladies should make it the long haul. They will have their struggles in the coming weeks and months; however, a bona fide relationship seems like it’s on the horizon for these two.

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5. Billy Faces Off With Jack

Can these brothers ever get along? Probably not, as these two are set to face off this week. What will they fight about? Y&R spoilers tease that it’s the same old, same old. Phyllis will confide in Jack at the beginning of the week, and as he clearly still cares for Phyllis, they will probably talk about Billy’s gambling and the way he’s been treating Red.

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4. The Cover Up

Nick will continue to try and cover up his one-night stand with Phyllis. Y&R spoilers tease that if Sharon gets close to finding out about his quickie with Phyllis, Nick may try and do something drastic to hide it. Sadly, the truth always finds a way to come out, and this secret may not be so hidden for very long.

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3. Abby and Arturo

Arturo and Abby will talk about a future together this week. The two seem to be getting more serious; however, Y&R spoilers tease major trouble between them on the horizon. It seems as if Arturo’s past and his family might be a huge cause of issues for the couple in the near future.

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2. Jordi Vilasuso Debuts

Soap opera veteran Jordi Vilasuso will join the Y&R cast this week, as he debuts on Monday, July 30th. Vilasuso plays Rey, a mysterious man entering Genoa City. One can’t help but wonder who Rey is connected to, and there is a very good possibility he may be linked to Arturo, as spoilers have revealed that more of his family would be appearing in Genoa City and soon.

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1. More Spoilers!

Summer attempts to lay the charm on with Kyle, as Victor surprises Nikki. In other Newman news, Victoria and Nick smooth things over, while Neil tries to play the peacekeeper. As the week progresses, Devon will issue out an ultimatum of sorts, while Nick deals with some temptation. Paul will also suspect The Moustache of something.

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