11 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (July 16)

Published on July 16, 2018. Updated July 18, 2018

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! This week promises to be an exciting one as shocking twists are revealed in the J.T. storyline, and tragedy strikes for Hilary, while Jack finally finds out if he’s a Chancellor or not. Learn about these storylines and more in the Y&R spoilers for the week of July 16.

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11. Jack’s Paternity Results

Y&R spoilers indicate that Jack gets some surprising news, and this most likely has to do with his recent journey around finding out if Phillip Chancellor is his father. While he’s expecting to find out that he is a Chancellor, seeing it on paper might still be shocking for him.

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10. The Results

While all arrows are pointing to Jack being a Chancellor, Y&R fans shouldn’t be surprised if a plot twist occurs in this storyline. This is a soap opera after all, and would anyone be shocked if it turned out that Kyle (or someone else for that matter) tampered with Jack’s paternity results?

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9. J.T. Versus The Moustache

The conflict between Victor and J.T. carries on this week; however, a shocking plot twist occurs early on in the week. In Victor’s mind, the man he is battling is J.T., and Victor wants to even out the score to end this war. Victor will have a hard time trying to nail down whether or not this man is J.T., but something will be revealed to indicate that J.T. isn’t who we all think he is.

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8. J.T. Shocker

Are you sitting down for this one? In a crazy twist of events, it turns out that Nick has been parading around as J.T. all along. Nick will pull off his J.T. face mask to reveal that he’s been the one targeting his dad. It doesn’t take long for furious Victor to hint to Sharon about it, and Nick ends up telling her the truth.

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7. Sharon’s Reaction

Sharon will clash with Nick about this and be truly disappointed in his behavior. It’s one thing to fight Victor toe-to-toe over Christian, but parading around as J.T. is crossing the line in Sharon’s books. She also questions who Nick has turned into. Is he headed down a dangerous and devious path like his father? This couple is having serious issues over secrets lately.

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6. Reunion On The Horizon?

Phyllis will find out that Billy is in fact gambling again, and refrained from telling her. So, he lands in the doghouse this week as a result. In other interesting Y&R spoilers, Phyllis will also bond with Nick in upcoming shows, which begs the question — will Nick and Phyllis reunite? With Billy’s screw up and Sharon’s secret around J.T.’s disappearance hovering over her head, both Nick and Phyllis’ relationships are headed for trouble, which could mean that they are headed back into each other’s arms.

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5. Hilary’s Tragedy

Sadly, Y&R spoilers indicate that Hilary will suffer a tragedy this week. She and Lily will have a heated confrontation that spoilers say will eventually turn into a disaster. With Hilary being pregnant and on her way out of the show very soon, it is not unlikely that she could suffer a miscarriage because of the incident. Previews for next week show Devon and Neil in the waiting area at the hospital, so a baby loss might be in the works.

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4. Friendship = Romance

For those who have waited for Tessa and Mariah to finally hook up, it seems that something may be in the works this week. Y&R spoilers indicate that Tessa turns a date down because she is uncertain about her feelings for Mariah. After all this wondering, hinting, and teasing, Mariah and Tessa might be turning their friendship into a bona fide relationship. The summer is certainly heating up in Genoa City and this is a couple hook up many have been waiting for.

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3. Neil Wants To Slow Down

In a shocking turn of events, Neil will let Ashley know that he wants to slow things down in their relationship. While Ashley is fine with what Neil says, she secretly hopes that he changes his mind. These two seem to be headed down a nice romantic path. Here’s hoping Neil will re-think what he’s said and just go for it.

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2. New Alliance

While Ashley is disappointed about Neil’s response to slow down their relationship, she’s also looking for a new partner to collaborate with. Y&R spoilers hint that Ashley will form a new alliance this week. Could it be Kyle? Both would like to see Billy out of Jabot’s top spot; however, with so many characters in the Y&R, it really could be anyone.

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1. Abby Has To Take Sides

Y&R spoilers tease that Abby will be forced to side with someone this week, and it very well could involve the recent feud between daddy Victor and brother Nick. Let’s face it, should she be forced to choose, it’s obvious she’ll side with The Moustache. Her career at Newman depends on it.

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