Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (August 13, 2018)

Published on August 13, 2018. Updated August 17, 2018

The summer continues to heat up in Genoa City as secrets are revealed and rivalries refuse to fizzle! Learn more about what will happen this week to Lily, Devon, Cane, Summer, Billy, Nick, Sharon, Phyllis and more in the Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of August 13, 2018.

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9. Lily Extends An Olive Branch

Lily will try and once again to mend fences with Devon this week. She feels terrible about her role in Hilary’s death and will try to make peace with him. Sadly, she should step back and let her brother grieve, but Lily is clearly trying to push herself on him, so they can go back to the way it was.

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8. Cane’s Up To Something

While Lily tries to make things right with Devon, Cane will have something else up his sleeve. Y&R spoilers stated that Cane will concoct a plan to leave town (and the country) with the whole family. Lily will immediately say no to Cane’s plan, but can he change her mind? Especially with the punishment that lies ahead should Lily found guilty of what she’s been charged with.

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7. Devon And Lily Shift

Y&R spoilers indicate that Lily and Devon’s relationship will move in a surprising direction. Here’s hoping that Devon can soften up a bit to his sister and hear her out. However, a shift could also mean a negative thing. While these two siblings haven’t been getting along at lately, perhaps something that happens this week will position them at completely opposite sides of the coin moving forward.

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6. Kyle Finds Something Incriminating

Kyle stumbles upon some interesting information that helps him solve the mysterious question as to whom Phyllis had over one night. The evidence will also assist him in taking down Billy. He will find some information that links Nick and Phyllis’ one-nighter together, and Summer will be with him when he comes across the evidence.

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5. Blackmailing Time!

So, what does Summer do with the information she has found out? She turns on her parents! While she will eventually go to Billy with it, no doubt, Summer decides that it is a great idea to blackmail mom and dad over their one night of passion together, one that was supposed to remain hush-hush.

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4. Victor Doesn’t Trust Easy

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor has concerns over Nick and his intentions. There’s a good chance that Nick will give is dad a wedding invite this week, which may catch The Moustache off guard. While Victor questions Nick, the truth is, he may be inviting him to the wedding for his mom and children’s sake. Victor is his dad, family, and Nick could just be doing this to keep some sort of peace at bay.

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3. Phyllis Is A Bridesmaid For Shick Wedding

Crazy, right? Victoria will somehow get Phyllis to be a bridesmaid at the Shick wedding and will enjoy watching these two former rivals go at it. Nick will also deal with a bit of awkwardness as he tries to deal with his secret one-night romp with Phyllis, as she engages in wedding activities. Can they keep this under wraps for long? Probably not …

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2. Rey Is Looking For Justice

Turns out the mysterious man Rey is just looking for some justice. He’ll be doing some investigation work around J.T.’s disappearance, and it seems his snooping has him zeroed in on Victor and the gang of ladies (Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis) who are the real reason J.T. is gone (for good). This storyline is starting to get hot, so fans will want to stay tuned in the coming weeks.

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1. More Spoilers!

Tension will continue to increase this week between Billy and Ashely; however, the good news for Ash is that Neil will be there to support her this week as it seems this couple’s romance is finally heating up. Speaking of, Victor works hard to romance Nikki and Michael will stand up for wife Lauren.

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