Young And The Restless: Spoilers For August 2018

Published on August 13, 2018. Updated September 4, 2019

Summer is always an intense time in Genoa City and it is filled with romance, intrigue and plenty of drama. As we head into August, many Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans have a ton of questions. Will Philly and Shick survive Nick and Phyllis’ one-night stand? Will Lily come clean about her involvement in the car accident? Are Abby and Arturo really meant to be? Learn about these storylines and more in the 15 crazy and shocking Y&R spoilers for August 2018.

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15. Phyllis Makes A Confession

Phyllis and Billy have been walking a fine line when it comes to their breakup with Red outraged that Billy has picked up his bad gambling habit once again and hid it from her. Y&R spoilers indicate that Phyllis will soon make a confession that will leave Billy disappointed in her, which is quite a huge change from the usual Billy screwing up and leaving Phyllis upset. The real question is, will she confess to her one-night stand? If she does, will she name names?

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14. The End Of Philly?

Y&R spoilers have been teasing some time now that Billy and Phyllis could be breaking up and with Phyllis’ affair and Billy’s new gambling ways, there is little to no chance that these two will make it into August. They will most likely make a clean break of it within the next couple of weeks.

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13. Summer’s Guilt

Another huge indication that Philly is on the rocks is that Y&R spoilers hint that Summer will worry about Billy in early August. Now that he is down in the dumps and has started gambling again, Summer will feel guilty and responsible for his woes. Will this bring these two closer together come August?

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12. Kyle Offers A Distraction

It’s hard to say if Billy and Summer will connect come August because of Kyle. Kyle and Summer have been bantering back and forth as of late with a little flirting sprinkled on top. Plus, these two have a ton of history together and chemistry. Y&R spoilers do indicate that Kyle will provide a little bit of a distraction for Summer in early August. With Phyllis out of the way, Summer sure does have her hands full between Billy and Kyle. Can you say, new Y&R love triangle?

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11. Nick Hides A Secret

Is Nick hiding another secret from Sharon? The two have recently reunited only to break up for like a day and reunite again! The engagement ring has once again been slipped on Sharon’s finger and it seems like Shick is headed to the altar! Still, trouble is looming. Unlike Phyllis, Nick will try desperately to hide his one-night stand from Sharon in August. However, as soap fans all know, the truth always comes out.

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10. Arturo & Abby

Y&R spoilers indicate that Abby and Arturo will continue to bask in their relationship glory and grow closer. In fact, as August hits, they’ll talk more and more about a future together. This is great news on so many levels, as it has been a long while since Abby Newman has enjoyed a healthy and positive romance.

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9. More of Arturo

Speaking of Arturo, Y&R audiences will be exposed to much more of the handsome character as the summer progresses. In fact, spoilers indicate that his storyline will expand where audiences will be introduced to additional members of his family. Viewers know that he lives with his sister Lola, and spoilers indicate that Arturo’s brother may be coming to daytime drama screens soon.

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8. Mysterious Stranger

Soap opera actor Jordi Vilasuso, who has held roles on Guiding Light, All My Children and more recently Days of Our Lives, will soon be joining the Y&R cast playing Rey, a mysterious stranger that strolls into town. Vilasuso’s first onscreen date is August 17th. Could Rey be Arturo’s brother, or part of another ongoing storyline in Genoa City right now? Only time will tell!

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7. Cane’s Shocked

Y&R spoilers for August indicate that Cane is given a shock. Lily’s recklessness and driving through the red light essentially causing the crash that has placed Hilary in her current predicament is bound to hit the surface; however, will Cane help cover up this indiscretion or encourage her to come forward to the police? The first scenario is most likely what will happen in the end. Regardless, it’s clear this storyline is going to pick up in the coming weeks, heading into August.

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6. Goodbye Ashley?

Actress Eileen Davidson, who plays legendary character Ashley Abbott on the Y&R, confirmed her departure from the soap this past June. How long before we see the last of Ashley in Genoa City? While it is terribly sad to think of, it could be coming sooner than fans think or hope for.

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5. Tessa & Mariah

Tessa and Mariah have been going back and for on the idea of a relationship for months now. Things fizzled significantly in the springtime, and then there were weeks before Y&R fans saw Tessa again onscreen. Seems like things are picking up between these two ladies, and Y&R spoilers indicate that audiences will be seeing more and more of Mariah and Tessa in August. Here’s hoping they finally are able to get rid of all those obstacles and jump into a relationship! Many viewers are dying to see Tessa and Mariah finally become a bona fide couple.

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4. Rey On The Newmans
Y&R spoilers hint that the new mystery man Rey will be hot on his investigation trails trying to figure out what happened to J.T. Come late August, he’ll be viewing Nikki and Victor as top suspects. It’s only a matter of time before he figures out who was really behind J.T.’s disappearance.

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3. Nick and Victor

The Moustache hates to be out-done, and his son Nick pulled a real big scheme over Victor’s head recently when he paraded around as a missing (well, we all know he’s dead) J.T. Hellstrom. Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor will be setting a plan in motion very soon, and if his past indicates anything, he’ll be out to seek revenge on Nick all throughout the month of August.

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2. Mariah Concerned
Mariah will become quite worried about Tessa come late August. Y&R spoilers state that Mariah will lose contact with Tessa, which will give her cause for concern when it comes to her girlfriend, worrying that she may be in danger. Knowing Mariah, she won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of things. Hopefully, before it is too late.

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1. Kyle Makes A Move
Y&R spoilers tease that Kyle will make an awfully terrible move come late August. Will he turn on Summer? Will he reveal Phyllis and Nick’s one-night stand? Is it possible that he’ll turn on Auntie Ashley? Ah, the possibilities are (sadly) endless! Viewers will have to tune in to find out how all this unfolds.

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