Young And The Restless 2019 Forecast: Plotline Predictions

Published on January 3, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Last year was a crazy one in Genoa City, and from the looks of it, things won’t slow down come 2019! With Christmas and New Year’s things of the past, it’s time for fans of the Young and the Restless (Y&R) to look forward towards the next few months. Below are 12 Y&R plot and storyline predictions for 2019.

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12. Vicky & Cane

How long before these two end up in the sack together? It seems as if Nikki’s accident, and the fact that their two kids were at the helm of it all, might bring these two together. Charlie and Reed did do the right thing by coming forward and apologizing to Nikki; however, she also pushed the responsibility of punishment back on to their parents. Mix in the fact that Cane is feeling very confused about Lily, and it won’t be long before these two jump into an affair.

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11. Jill Included In Cover Up

As Billy and Vicky are trying to reconcile, it seems as if Victoria and Cane may start their affair off as a one-night stand, which could lead to another romp if they are tempted. Jill is desperate for Billy to reunite with his ex-wife, but she always seems to land herself in the center of things when it comes to protecting Cane. Jill will probably find out about Cane and Vicky, and do her best to cover things up between these two.

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10. The Truth Comes Out

With everything that is going on, Y&R fans can feel like they are on the cusp of the truth coming out around J.T.’s murder. What will the repercussions be? All four women have money and (some) power behind them, so they probably won’t suffer any major consequences; however, personal relationships will undoubtedly be jeopardized.

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9. Philly Reunites

It will only take a matter of time for Billy to find out about what Cane and Vicky have been up to. Phyllis and Nick are sure to break up come early 2019, with all the pressures of J.T.’s murder being exposed, and Red undoubtedly will do all she can to save her own skin. This may mean pushing the other women under a bus, which will upset Nick and end that relationship. Billy being single, plus Phyllis being single, equals out to a Philly reunion.

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8. Nick/Sharon/Rey Triangle

Despite calling off their wedding in 2018, Sharon and Nick still have unfinished business (plus co-parenting duties), and she and Rey have sparks that fly every time they are in a room together. But, the plot thickens within this love triangle thanks to an impending bromance that is lingering between Nick and Rey. They seemed to find an understanding during the holidays when both were searching for a missing Nikki. Could a mutual friendship develop between these two and complicate things as they both look to hook up with Sharon in 2019? Sounds like an interesting storyline!

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7. Arturo & Mia Hook Up

With Rey so preoccupied with his job, and feelings for Sharon, wife Mia continually gets shafted. Lately there seems to be increased tension and a sense of temptation between Mia and brother-in-law Arturo. Soap opera temptation is always given into, and these two are clearly headed for another affair and soon.

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6. Abby & Devon

If Arturo cheats on Abby, she’ll ditch him like a bad habit without even giving it a second thought. She’s always been good friends with Devon, and now that they are entering a business partnership together (of sorts), could friendship, business, and love be on the horizon for these two in 2019? Anything is possible.

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5. Newmans Come Together

They all fight, have feuds between each other, but when the chips are down, and crisis lies ahead, this family comes together to fight battles as one. This past year saw Victor and Nick at odds, but 2019 seems like the year the family will once again come together as one in a united front against anyone who tries to screw with them.

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4. Sheila Returns

Sheila Carter made a splashing return to the Bold & The Beautiful in 2017, and while actress Kimberlin Brown has been busy with political endeavors, if her schedule were to clear up, a Y&R return in 2019 would be explosive! It would also propel Michael and Lauren back into the forefront of Genoa City storylines.

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3. Jack & Kerry Hit Obstacles

They make an extremely cute couple and are off to a solid start; however, as all soap opera fans know, daytime drama romances need to hit some rocks before they truly settle. This year will probably offer some obstacles for Jack and Kerry, but by the holiday season, they may be thinking about wedding plans.

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2. Saying Goodbye To Dina

It’s not hard to think that there is a very good possibility that the Abbott matriarch Dina just might pass in 2019. She’s struggled with health issues, and her memory continues to fail her. While fans would be saddened by her death, as well as the Abbott clan, with the storyline she’s dealing with now, it would make sense.

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1. Lily Returns

Her prison stint wasn’t meant to last forever, after all, she was only sentenced for one year. If Lily continues to follow the rules in jail, she should be let out just before the holidays of 2019, maybe earlier for good behavior, and the proverbial poop should hit the fan once she realizes what her entire family has been up to since she left.

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