Young And The Restless: Spoilers For Fall 2018

Published on September 7, 2018. Updated September 4, 2019

Hold on to your hats, Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! While summer may be winding down to a close, the drama shall continue to heat up in Genoa City. Will Jack find out who his bio dad is? Will Summer spill the goods about her parents’ one-night stand? Will the truth ever be revealed about J.T.’s disappearance? Learn about these storylines and more with these 12 crazy and shocking Y&R spoilers for fall 2018.

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12. Jack’s Quest To Find His Bio Dad

It seems Jack Abbott will continue his search for his biological father; however, some shocking revelations will come out that he is not too fond of. Sadly, as he gains information, but he won’t be too happy with what he finds, which means his real dad is either no longer alive, or he may be someone Jack isn’t pleased with. The latter seems more likely.

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11. Fall Returns

Two major fan favorites are set for returns come fall, with both ladies re-appearing in Genoa City come late September. First and foremost, Jill Atkinson is coming back to town, perhaps to help Cane and his family deal with Lily’s recent imprisonment. Traci Abbott is also coming back to the Y&R, and she’ll have her hands full trying to simmer down her crazy siblings.


10. Power Hungry Ashley

Ashley will continue to have that Jabot CEO spot on top of her mind. Sadly, it’ll be a huge challenge for her thanks to that pesky Jabot-bloodline-only clause. Y&R fall spoilers tease that she’ll turn to Traci for help; however, Billy will remain firm in his ground to stay at the top of Jabot. She always has Kyle too, but sadly Y&R spoilers relay she’ll be taken aback by some of his ruthless actions.

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9. Kyle’s Love Life

Speaking of Jack’s handsome son, Y&R spoilers indicate that a new woman will enter Kyle’s life. She’ll grab a hold of his attention and it seems that he’ll forget about any feelings he had for Summer. It might very well be Lola, the younger sister of Rey and Arturo, but she’s not the only new girl in Genoa City come the fall time.

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8. New Character Alert

Jabot will be hiring a new employee come late October, as actress Alice Hunter steps into the role of Kerry Jones. There’s not a lot of information about Kerry right now; however, if she’s working at Jabot, she too might be a possible new love interest for Kyle … or perhaps, Billy?

7. Billy’s Downward Spiral

Y&R spoilers hint that Billy will take a downward spiral in the fall, and girlfriend Phyllis will do all she can to help him. While we all know that Billy loves to take risks, expect some big trouble for him on the horizon. Phyllis will also try her best to continue to keep Summer away from her boyfriend … but how long will that last?

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6. Summer Up To Her Old Tricks

Summer will continue to exploit her parents’ hookup secret as the fall progresses, and will use it against them to try and win over Billy. Y&R spoilers indicate that someone else gains information about Nick and Phyllis’ night together. Could Summer spill the beans to Billy in an attempt to win him over? Sounds like it.

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5. Nick and Sharon

Nick will worry about Sharon finding out about his night out with Phyllis, and that the wedding plans will be over. Meanwhile, Sharon has concerns of own when it comes to the whole J.T. murder cover-up, and not telling Nick about it. She’ll contemplate spilling it all to Nick this fall.

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4. Nikki The Peacemaker

Victor and Nick’s feud will escalate this autumn, and Nikki will work hard to smooth things over between these two. She might not succeed, but she’s going to give it the old college try! Meanwhile, Nikki will also worry about Victoria, as her daughter will continue to crack under the pressure of covering up J.T.’s murder. She’ll struggle to help Vicky keep it all together.

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3. Victor Has A Secret

Y&R spoilers tease that The Moustache will be given information about someone he cares about. They also state that said info could assist them with a situation they are dealing with, but there is a possible threat to Victor’s legacy should he reveal it. This might be a hard call for him and sounds like a very intriguing autumn storyline.

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2. Mariah and Tessa

While Mariah is quite overjoyed that her and Tessa’s relationship is public, Y&R fall spoilers hint that there is trouble on the horizon between these two lovely ladies. Tessa is clearly hiding something around her current situation and her trustworthiness will be placed into question in the next several weeks.

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1. Abby and Arturo

Abby and Arturo have had a very fiery summer with tons of romance. Sadly, the two will face some bumps in the autumn road thanks to Arturo’s family. While nothing is being said about Lola’s arrival to the Genoa City scene, Y&R spoilers do indicate that Rey’s presence will cause some conflict for this new couple.

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