Young And The Restless: Spoilers For September 2018

Published on August 29, 2018. Updated September 4, 2019

With summer winding down to a close and most all students heading back to school, it’s time for fans of the Young and the Restless to start looking forward to cooler temperatures in the land of Genoa City. Having said that, September is looking hotter than ever for the show. Learn more about returns, new characters, and storylines next month in the 12 crazy and shocking Y&R spoilers for September 2018.

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12. Brittany Returns

Fan favorite Brittany Hodges was last seen helping out Nick with his custody hearing for Christian when Victor tried to steal the tot from him some weeks back. Y&R spoilers indicate that Brit is set to return to Genoa City come early September for a friend who will need her expert legal advice.

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11. Bye, Bye Ashley

Eileen Davidson announced her departure from the Y&R earlier this summer, stating she was set to leave the show come September. Fans of Ashley Abbott should expect some sort of exit storyline for the character coming down the pipe soon. What does this mean for Neil Winters and the impending love affair between the two? Only time will tell.

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10. Traci Abbott Comeback

With Ashley’s exit, it is no surprise that sister Traci Abbott is set for a return to Genoa City. The last time Beth Maitland, the actress who plays Traci, was seen on daytime screens was this past May. With Traci coming back to the Y&R soon, she is sure to be involved in Ashley’s exit story in some capacity.

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9. Rosales Clan Expanding

Arturo’s brother Rey, the mysterious stranger investigating J.T.’s disappearance, has recently popped into Genoa City. Lola Rosales, Rey and Arturo’s younger sister, will also be making her way to the Y&R in mid-September. How will this affect Abby and Arturo’s relationship? Hopefully Lola can bond with Abby and be a positive influence on this new couple and not cause any drama.

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8. Abby Confronts Rey

Yes, it would be a good thing if Lola and Abby get along, seeing that she and Rey may not be off to a good start. September spoilers indicate that Abby will confront Rey about something. Most likely it’s about Arturo and their unstable relationship; however, with Rey sniffing around town, especially around sister Victoria’s way, it could be about that too.

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7. Christine Blair Returns

Fans of Lauralee Belle may be happy to learn that she will hit Y&R screens a lot more in September, reprising her role of Christine Blair. Spoilers indicate she’ll be involved in storylines within her capacity as the city’s district attorney, so she will most likely be involved in the Lily Winters’ case.

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6. Devon Won’t Waver

Speaking of the Lily Winters’ case, Y&R spoilers are hinting that Devon will remain firm about something. This really could mean anything, but is most likely related to Lily, her case, and his feelings that she should be punished to the maximum penalty. It seems he is not wavering in the least when it comes to gaining some justice for Hilary’s death.

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5. Lily Learns What Will Be

Y&R spoilers also indicate that Lily will find out her fate come early September. Will she be sent to prison? Or will she just be fined, given probation, and maybe some sort community service? Twenty years in jail sounds a bit much for something that wasn’t done on purpose, plus she did come forward on her own; however, this is the land of soaps, so anything is possible.

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4. Lily’s Y&R Status

This could offer insight into what Lily’s sentence may be come September! Actress Christel Khalil, the beauty who plays Lily, revealed on Instagram recently that she has requested her character be moved to recurring status; meaning that fans will still see Lily in Genoa City now and again, just not all the time. This gives Khalil the opportunity to explore other projects, while still staying with the show. Does this mean fans should expect a jail sentence for Lily, with the occasional sighting be around Cane’s conjugal visits?

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3. Philly Stays Strong

Despite their recent ups and downs, it seems that heading into September, Phyllis and Billy will remain strong as a couple. While they have moved into the Abbott mansion recently, Y&R spoilers indicate that in early September, Phyllis will back Billy up around something. Could this be in regard to a clash at Jabot or a battle with brother Jack? Regardless, Phyllis will stand by her man!

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2. Sinead Returns

Phyllis backing up Billy isn’t too surprising; however, if he begins to dabble in gambling again, the days might be numbered around her standing by his side. Y&R September spoilers tease that one of Billy’s poker competitors will return early on in the month. Here’s hoping Abbott doesn’t get wrapped up in gambling again.

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1. Jack Back On The Daddy Hunt

With mom Dina’s health ailing, it would be no surprise if Jack jumps back on the daddy-hunt bandwagon. Y&R fans were shocked when Dina revealed that Jack was not a true Abbott, and while he was gung-ho on finding his bio-dad when he thought it was Phillip Chancellor, it soon fizzled when it was determined that he wasn’t a Chancellor after all. With Dina not doing so well, Jack may very well re-vamp his search for his real father heading into September.

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