Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For February 2019

Published on February 6, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, love is in the air! But drama, adventure, and a little intrigue also linger within the land of Genoa City. It’s natural for Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans to speculate what will unfold this month, so with that being said, below are 12 crazy and shocking plot predictions for the show, come February 2019.

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12. Trouble For The Newmans

The Newman Family has been dealing with a lot in 2019; however, the clan has come together to fight a seemingly unstoppable force. Clearly, there is someone who is out to get Victor and his fam jam, but who could be threatening them? The person behind all these schemes is sure to reveal themselves by the end of the month.

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11. Who’s The Threat?

Whoever is out to get the Newmans has been able to do so through the Ranch’s surveillance system, and Y&R fans know that one person who was handy with this sort of technology was J.T.! Could he be alive? Anything is possible! Another person who is crafty enough to pull one over the family is also Ian Ward.

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10. Nikki Faces The Truth

Before the Newmans find out who their threat is, it seems as if Nikki may have to face some extreme consequences. Y&R spoilers suggest she just may take the wrap when it comes to J.T.’s murder to save Victor from doing so. A prison sentence is not a good thing at her age and with her condition. Having said that, you can’t get punished for killing someone who is not dead. Maybe J.T. being alive can save Nikki from spending time in the slammer.

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9. Phyllis Gets Investigated

Y&R spoilers hint that Phyllis will get investigated come mid-February, and as the Newman Family scrambles to see who is targeting them, there is a good possibility that fingers will be pointed Red’s way. After all, she’s made it no secret that she can’t stand Victor and would love to see him get punished for what he’s done to her in the past. She’s not the one who is targeting them, but she could very well into some trouble for having a big mouth when it comes to Victor and could face a little wrath from the family and speculation.

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8. Couple Break Up

If the Newmans suspect Phyllis is behind all the things happening at the Ranch, Y&R fans should expect Nick and Red to break up. After all, if it crosses his mind that she may be out to get Victor and the rest of the family, how can they sustain a relationship? These two are hanging from a loose thread anyways.

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7. Abby And Mia Make Nice

Abby and Mia may be trying to make amends with each other, but how long will this all last? Both are merely pretending to play nice, and it is only a matter of time before a catfight breaks out between them. Abby is on to Mia, and Mia’s jealousy over her relationship with Arturo might get the better of her in February.

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6. Mia Will Scheme

Y&R fans should undoubtedly expect some scheming on Mia’s part when it comes to Abby and Arturo’s pending nuptials. She’ll do all she can to make sure she places a wedge between the couple so that they don’t make it to the altar, or place a wrench in their wedding plans.

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5. Summer Causes Chaos

Speaking of scheming, with her return, Summer is sure to bring a ton of chaos in Genoa City. She’s used to getting what she wants and will do all she can to get under Kyle’s skin. While he’s happy with Lola, they are missing a big thing in their relationship, and that is sex. Summer will work hard to make it clear that she can give Kyle what he truly wants and needs.

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4. Will Kyle Break?

Kyle probably won’t break up and cheat on Lola right away. Summer just got back to town, and he is trying his hardest to keep her at bay. Having said that, Kyle will probably be left in a compromising position with Summer (pun-intended), and while it will be a misunderstanding, the situation may place a wedge between him and Lola. He could also warm up to a friendship with Summer, where she’ll move in for the kill. Either way, things don’t look good for Lola.

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3. Conflict Between Siblings

Y&R spoilers indicate that Devon will find out the secret that Ana’s been hiding, and this spells bad news for the two siblings. As she hasn’t been honest with her brother, conflict is sure to spiral between Ana and Devon, as he realizes that she may have had a hidden agenda this whole time.

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2. Sharon’s Love Life

On one hand, Sharon clearly has feelings for Rey, who also seems to be quite happy with Mia right now. On the other hand, Sharon has always gravitated toward her first love Nick. While their break up was bad back in the fall, these two have gotten over their split and are headed back towards Friendsville. Every time they get comfy as friends, sparks eventually fly. Could Y&R fans be seeing the slow reunion of Shick come February? If so, they also may be headed for a love triangle once Rey figures out Mia’s true feelings for Arturo.

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1. Cane’s Plight

Cane regrets the kissing fling he had with Victoria, and is trying to get Lily and her family to trust him again. But, will he give up? Vicky and Billy have gotten closer since Katie’s disappearance, but Cane and Vicky still have to have unresolved feelings around their recent lip lock(s). Will Can give up hope and turn to Victoria? She too could use something to distract her right about now.

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