Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For May 2019

Published on April 30, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

April was an emotional time for Genoa City and Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans, as the soap opera world mourned the loss of Neil Winters. Storylines came to a halt, as audiences, as well as the cast and crew reflected; therefore, with May on the horizon, as well as Sweeps, many wonder how the little town will move on after such a huge loss. Below are some crazy and surprising Y&R plot predictions for May 2019.

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13. Devon Tries To Move Forward

Devon has suffered tremendous loss in such a short period of time. Therefore, it makes sense he’d be the one from the entire family to struggle the most with Neil’s passing. Y&R spoilers indicate that he’ll have a rough go at it in May; however, Elena will be there to help support him in any way she can.

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12. Will He Choose Love?

Y&R spoilers also suggest that Devon will feel conflicted about Elena and question if he is ready for another relationship. He may try and build a wall and protect himself from love, but Elena will most likely help to smash that down. They make a cute couple, but how long before the drama pops up in their relationship?

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11. Abby & Nate

Y&R spoilers indicate that Abby will focus on her career this month; however, despite Society, Dr. Nate will be in her orbit as well. These two scream “cute new Y&R super couple;” however, with Abby and Devon quite tight, and Nate his adoptive cousin, how long before this blonde gets between the two? Abby and Devon have always been “friends,” so the two embarking on an affair would really stir things up and cause trouble for Elena and Nate.

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10. Baby Daddy Drama

Y&R fans will find out who the daddy of Mia’s baby is come May, and with spoilers stating that both Arturo and Mia are set to leave town this month, it’s not hard to predict that the younger Rosales brother is most likely the baby daddy. The two will probably ride out of Genoa City together, and start a new life somewhere else. They both need a fresh start.

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9. Rey Turns Mia In

If Rey figures out that Mia is carrying Arturo’s child, he may not hesitate to turn her into the authorities and give Paul a heads up about she did to Lola, targeting Abby. Perhaps Arturo and Mia skip town together not so much for a fresh start, but to protect their unborn child from jail time.

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8. Summer Won’t Let Go

Speaking of baby drama, Y&R spoilers indicate that Summer won’t lay down and play dead as it relates to her break up with Kyle. Sure, he tried to let her down gently, but she’s far too obsessed to give him up without some fight. She’ll revert back to her old schemes, and there’s a good chance that she could end up being pregnant or even fake a pregnancy.

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7. Phyllis Ruins Another Friendship

Y&R spoilers hint that Red will have a huge corporate project on the horizon this month, which is exciting news. Having said that, whatever Phyllis has planned could compromise the success of Fenmores, Lauren’s company. Will Phyllis choose friendship or money? Y&R fans don’t even have to give it a second thought: she’d railroad any friendship if it meant self-gain.

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6. Lauren Plays Dirty

Lauren won’t pull the first punch, but she is certainly not someone to back down or mess with on a corporate level. She’s a great friend, but if Phyllis moves forward with a venture that could go toe-to-toe against Fenmores, then Lauren won’t hesitate to play a little dirty to make sure her company comes out on top.

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5. Rey’s Investigation

Y&R spoilers tease that Rey and Sharon will find themselves in Las Vegas come early May, and discover something shocking about The Moustache. What could he be hiding? Victor’s secret will shock the little town, and affect the Newman Family significantly. Seems as if Victor Adam Newman is on the cusp of returning.

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4. But, Is It Adam?

Sometimes, when a character is recast, the show goes on as if the actor was always the “face” of the character; sometimes a storyline is launched around the character’s face change (i.e. plastic surgery, etc.). Y&R spoilers seem to be hinting that many will question if the returning Adam is really “Adam.” Actor Mark Grossman has been hired this time around to tackle this dynamic character, and the storyline around Newman’s return is sure to shock fans!

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3. Nick’s World

While Nick tries to enjoy the single life this month, this will come to a screeching halt. Y&R spoilers tease that his world will come crashing down on him, and he’ll be living his worst nightmare. Seems like Adam’s return may mean that he wants parental rights and guardianship over Christian. This would be devastating for Nick on so many levels.

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2. Victoria Fights Back

But, is Christian all that Adam is after? Y&R spoilers tease that Vicky’s role at Newman will be threatened this month, where she’ll have to battle back and prove to the world that she’s Victor’s daughter. Could Adam also want a stake in Newman Enterprises now that he’s back? Potentially a comfy role at the company that Vicky holds? He was pretty nice before he left, but he may have reverted to his old ways while he’s been gone from Genoa City.

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1. Cane and … Traci?

Seems like an unlikely pair; however, stranger things have happened in the land of Genoa City! Lily will make it crystal clear to Cane that they are done, which has Cane leaning on Traci for support as he tries to move on. Is this a new Y&R couple in the making? Only time will tell …

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