Young And The Restless: Questions We Need Answered When The Show Returns

Published on June 9, 2020.

While The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has done a fantastic job with theme weeks and classic episodes, there isn’t a fan out there who is not looking forward to some new episodes! Genoa City has been flipped upside down with new alliances, growing rivalries, as well as up-and-coming romances. Below are some questions Y&R fans need answers to when the show returns.

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13. Adam’s Mental Health

The bombshell had been dropped around who was responsible for AJ Montalvo’s passing just before new Y&R episodes ran out. How will Adam be affected once he realizes that his dad wasn’t blowing smoke, but was telling him the truth? Could Adam have a mental health breakdown once he “accepts” things?

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12. The Chelsea Factor

Will Adam turn to Chelsea in all of this, or will he push her away? Because he blocked the AJ Montalvo incident from his memories, could he feel as if he is too toxic for Chelsea (and Connor) after all? Will he fall into a depression that sees Chelsea stick by his side, or will she exit? Can Chadam survive this new revelation?

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11. Victor and Nikki

Now that the final pieces of this puzzle have dropped, can the Moustache and Nikki’s relationship survive? Victor confided in Nikki, and then Nikki ran to Victoria, which only made matters worse. In one of the final Y&R episodes before new shows ran out, Victor did point a finger of blame towards his wife. As this heighten, and tensions rise, will Newman get angrier towards Nikki? This could certainly place a wedge between them.

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10. Vicky Fuels The Fire

Vicky also has a tremendous amount of animosity towards Adam and Victor right now. While she got her comfy Newman CEO job back, she still feels as if she shouldn’t have lost it in the first place. As she re-enters the boss’s office at Newman, will she soften up and start to understand where her father is coming from, or will she fuel the fire around this rivalry?

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9. Victor’s Broken

Victor seemed pretty broken the last time we saw him. Can he pick himself up from all of this and move on? Will there be a time period where he needs to grieve around all this? Will he leave Genoa City for a bit? He may feel as if he not only failed Adam but Hope, too. He was desperate to keep this secret hidden, and he didn’t do his job. There is nothing Victor hates more than feeling powerless and defeated.

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8. Adam and Victor

With both men feeling broken, could they finally (and truly) bond over their collective misery? They were so close to being on the same page before Nick threw his hat in the ring for the Newman CEO role. As Adam and Victor are both in a bad place, could this place bring them closer together?

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7. Sharon’s Condition

Last Y&R fans saw Sharon, she was struggling. Her chemo wasn’t working, and she was a bit afraid around losing one of her breasts to cancer. After another biopsy, Y&R viewers were waiting to see what options Sharon had to move forward. Could she undergo surgery, or will she try another round of chemotherapy first? Maybe she’ll have another option available to her, or maybe she’ll have no choice but to go through with the surgery.

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6. Phyllis Versus Abby

Jack (inadvertently) gave Phyllis an idea to potentially halt construction around Abby’s new hotel across the street. He had to close a Jabot site in Washington due to the discovery of fossils in the ground. Phyllis paused at this statement and whispered the word “bones.” Could Phyllis cross a major line to stop Abby? Probably!

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5. Will Phick Last?

Probably not, but how long will they stay together before they realize this? Especially with the fact that Nick’s sister (Abby) doesn’t get along with Phyllis. Could the rivalry between Red and Abby cause Nick to feel as if he’s in the middle? If Phyllis crosses a line where the repercussions truly negatively affect Abby, she may be saying “goodbye” to her dream of being with Nick.

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4. What’s Next For Summer And Kyle

What is next for Summer and Kyle? Theo has been fired from Jabot, and Kyle can finally run the company without feeling as if he has someone breathing down his neck. Kyle and Summer seem to be happy with where they are at, both relationship-wise and in terms of their career. With that said, could wedding bells be ringing in their near future once new shows are up and running again?

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3. Theo’s World

Theo seems to be turning a new leaf. He made amends with Mariah and he feels ashamed of how he acted at Jabot, but he was also (purposely) spying on a Chancellor Communications meeting, looking for another job opportunity. Who could blame him, he is unemployed! Could he be making the jump to that company soon? They clearly need a social media strategist.

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2. The Dynamics At Chancellor Communications

Lily seemed to pick up on the familiarity between Amanda and Billy. How long before tensions rise within the company between these three? Billy seems to have some sort of chemistry with Amanda, and sparks are also flying (a bit) between him and Lily. Will this equal out to negativity between Amanda and Lily in the long run?

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1. Amanda and Nate

Amanda and Nate have slowly been navigating through a romance, and they certainly do make a sweet couple together. But, will Amanda’s work relationship with Billy shatter this in the foreseeable future? The two will be spending a ton of time together, and this will ultimately affect Nate and Amanda’s future together.

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