Young And The Restless: Spoilers For October 2018

Published on September 25, 2018. Updated September 4, 2019

There’s a cold crisp chill in the Genoa City air, but when it comes to storylines, things continue to get hotter and hotter! Learn more about what will happen this month to Ashely, Victor, Shick, Vicky, Rey, and more in the 12 crazy and shocking Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for October 2018.

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12. A Bold Move By Ashley

Y&R spoilers state Ashley will make a bold move in early October. This will most likely have to do with Jabot, and as Billy is struggling with his gambling addiction, don’t be surprised if Ashley’s daring action has something to do with the cosmetics company. She has her eye on leading the Jabot, and she may eventually get her wish.

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11. Bye, Bye Eileen

But, maybe not. The actress who plays Ashley, Eileen Davidson, recently wrapped up her scenes with the popular daytime drama show in late September. This means that Ashley Abbott’s days are numbered in Genoa City, so fans should expect the character to be wrapping up storylines soon. It seems like October will open up the beginning of the end for Ashley as she gears towards an exit.

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10. Shick’s Wedding

October Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick and Sharon are set to walk down that aisle, despite looming ideas of a confession. For Nick, he’s toyed with the telling Sharon about his one-night stand, while Sharon is desperate to tell him about her involvement in J.T.’s disappearance. The wedding is set to happen, but the bigger burning question is … will they be husband and wife when it is all over? They don’t have the best history when it comes to completing their vows during a ceremony!

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9. Mariah’s Dilemma

As her mom’s wedding day approaches, Mariah will feel tremendously conflicted. By the time early October rolls around, she’ll know all too well about Nick and Phyllis’ dirty little secret and Y&R spoilers tease that Mariah will have a moral dilemma around whether or not she should tell Sharon before the wedding happens.

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8. The Rey Factor

Y&R spoilers indicate that Rey will continue to keep his eye on the Genoa City scene come October. He desperately wants to get to the bottom about what happened to J.T., and he’s bent on cracking the case wide open. Could he cause issues for Sharon before her wedding? Doing so means trouble for others involved, including Vicky, Nikki, and Phyllis.

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7. Victoria Shaken

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers for October state that Vicky’s world will be turned upside. Could this be because of Rey and his digging? It’s very possible. Rey was brought to Genoa City to cause chaos and truly uncover what has happened to J.T.; it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

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6. Unexpected Visitor

October Y&R spoilers also tease that fans should expect to see an unexpected visitor stroll into Genoa City. Could this be Rey’s estranged wife? Or maybe it will be someone nobody thought they would see again: J.T. Hellstrom! There was once a ton of speculation that J.T. was still alive, and with Nick the culprit, who was parading around as him before, everything has died down. How unexpected would it be to see J.T. return to town? Very!

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5. The Cover Up Crew Exposed

If J.T. were alive, exposing Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Vicky, this would certainly explain why Vicky is so shaken. But, what would this mean for the other ladies? Well, no one likes the idea of jail, although Lily would more than be happy for some friends to join her in prison. In all seriousness, this secret exposed would ruin Shick, shake up Nikki and Victor, and most likely break Philly up for good.

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4. Summer Recast

Due to a scheduling conflict, the role of Summer Newman will be played by Bayley Corman, replacing Hunter King for a few episodes in early October. King will be filming some scenes for the primetime hit Life in Pieces, and Corman has stepped in to help her and the Y&R out for a very short time.

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3. New Character Alert

Y&R October spoilers indicate that a new character is slated to debut on the show later this month. Kerry Jones, played by Alice Hunter, is a high-level executive that is confident, smart, and stems from Chicago. She’ll be hired by Jabot, and will arrive in Genoa City soon to create some chaos.

2. The Moustache Takes A Leave

Victor Newman will be taking a short leave of absence from Genoa City, but don’t worry, The Moustache will be back before we all know it! recently reported that actor Eric Braeden took September off to travel Germany. While it is unclear how he will be written off the canvas, fans should expect him away from the show for a small period of time.

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1. So long, Paul!

Now time for some sad Y&R October spoiler news — Doug Davidson, who plays Paul Williams on the show, recently revealed on Twitter during a Q&A session that he may have filmed his last scene for the show, which aired in late September. Fans should not expect to see anything further from the beloved Paul Williams and there are no scenes or storylines that he is involved in from October moving forward. Doug has not been asked to film any more scenes for the rest of the year, and was placed to recurring status in early January. He celebrated his 40th anniversary with the show this year, which at the time, made him the longest-running cast member on the soap opera. No word if he’ll be written off the canvas, or if Paul Williams will simply fade into oblivion.

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