Young And The Restless: Spoilers For Christmas 2018

Published on December 17, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family, and Genoa City is currently gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year! What will the Christmas and New Year’s season bring for the Young and the Restless (Y&R)? Tons of romance, suspense, and drama! Learn more about show’s characters and storylines moving forward in our Christmas 2018 spoilers for the Y&R.

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12. Business As Usual

While there are some daytime dramas that will not be aired during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it is “business as usual” for CBS and the Young and the Restless during these days, airing two new episodes filled with holiday fun, and the drama that most fans are used to.

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11. Time To Reminisce …

Christmas can be a time of reflection, and Y&R spoilers tease that both Jack and Dina will ponder about Christmases past. With Ashley away during the holiday season, she will undoubtedly leave an empty spot in the hearts of these two, as they think about past seasons that the Abbott family has celebrated.

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10. Reed Wants To Fess Up

Y&R spoilers hint that with his grandmother in the hospital, Reed will be tempted to come clean about his and Charlie’s role in her accident. But will he do so in the end? This storyline is far from over, and it seems unlikely that Charlie will allow him to do this, considering potential consequences.

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9. Charlie’s Feelings

With his mom locked up in prison, thanks to her role in the car crash and Hilary’s, Charlie may feel the need to continue to cover up what the boys did. While the blizzard played a key role in Nikki being hit by the car, Charlie will undoubtedly feel that he may suffer the same consequences his mom did if he comes forward.

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8. Nikki’s Condition

Y&R spoilers reveal that Nikki’s life will hang in the balance this holiday season. In fact, friends and family will rally behind the Newman matriarch, praying for a miracle. But is there any hope in sight? A visit from the one person that can truly pull her out of this situation may be the only glimmer of hope for Nikki.

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7. Nick’s A Hero

Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick will save the day come Y&R’s Christmas Eve episode. He’s been working overtime trying to locate his dad Victor, but will he be successful, and is this how he becomes a hero during the holidays? It seems as if Nick could play a major role in Victor’s return.

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6. The Moustache Returns

Hold on to your hats, Y&R fans! Victor makes a huge splash during the holidays, returning to Genoa City on the show’s Christmas Eve episode. Having The Moustache around for moral support, especially with Nikki’s current condition, is a must. Whether Nick has a hand in it or not, Victor will be back on the Y&R as of December 24.

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5. Noah Returns

Victor isn’t the only character making a holiday return for Nikki! Actor  will reprise the role of Noah Newman, strolling back into town to visit his ailing grandmother, and lend some support to the rest of the family while she’s in the hospital. Here’s hoping that he can help Nick, Victor, and Vicky during this hard time.

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4. Party Time

With all the doom and gloom going on in Genoa City right now, Sharon takes matters into her own hands and throws a holiday party. She’s trying to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, and there is sure to be a ton of drama that unfolds during festivities. But the real question is: will Rey be invited and attend?

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3. Jack and Kerry

Expect a little holiday romancing in Genoa City this season. Jack is quite smitten with Kerry right now, and Y&R spoilers indicate that that the two will get quite cozy under a mistletoe. It’s undeniably time for these two to take their relationship to that next level, and there’s nothing that brings out those feelings more than this time of year.

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2. Billy and Vicky

Speaking of, are these two headed towards a bona fide reunion? With Phyllis out of the picture (somewhat), and Vicky leaning on Billy a bit more these days, it seems the former husband and wife will try and spend some quality time during the holidays with their kids. They will try and see just how strong their chemistry is when they create the “perfect” family Christmas together. Let’s see how this goes.

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1. Mystery Figure

Y&R spoilers cryptically state that a mystery person will pop up in Genoa City this holiday season … and no, it’s not Santa! This really could be anyone from the show’s past, to someone new, and it’s not hard for fans to speculate that there’s a good chance that it’s J.T., or something (someone) related to his murder cover-up.

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