Young And The Restless: Spoilers For December 2018

Published on November 27, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

Last month of the year in Genoa City, and Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers promise an exciting December! Nikki will get threatened; two huge character returns; and of course, plenty of drama! Learn more about what will happen to your favorite characters in the below 12 Y&R spoilers for December 2018.

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12. Nikki Threatened

Y&R spoilers tease that a new threat will pop up for Nikki Newman, and Victor will end up getting sucked into the drama as well. While there is no additional information around the storyline, or if it is related to J.T.’s murder cover-up, spoilers do indicate that it is a threat outside of the blackmailing that Tessa was spearheading in November.


11. Victor Return?

If The Moustache is being sucked into Nikki’s drama, as Y&R spoilers state, does this mean a Victor Newman return, right before the holidays? As per actor Eric Braeden’s Instagram account, he is back on set and filming (after taking a vacation to Germany), so here’s hoping that Y&R fans will see the Newman patriarch before 2018 comes to a close!

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10. Nick and Victor Feud Heats Up

With Victor offering Summer a job, and Nick’s eldest daughter heading to Dubai, this move recently has left Nick (and Phyllis) fuming. The Y&R writing staff is clearly setting things up for Victor’s return, and it seems as if the father-son feud is sure to recommence once he hits Genoa City soil.

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9. Fen Returns

Fen Baldwin is set for a huge return come early December, as Zach Tinker has been recast into this role. Fen is sure to step into a huge storyline, considering how he will re-enter Genoa City. Y&R spoilers indicate that he’ll make a shocking move that no one will see coming.

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8. Lauren and Michael Get Surprised

Further to the above spoiler, he’ll take parents Lauren and Michael by surprise when he strolls back into town. Why wouldn’t Fen let his own parents know he was back in Genoa City? Y&R spoilers tease that mom and dad will be taken off guard by Fen’s return, so this storyline should make for an interesting one.

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7. Kyle Deals With Drama

Could Fen become a thorn in Kyle’s side? Y&R spoilers indicate that someone will grate on Kyle’s patience come December, and with Summer already out of town, there’s a good chance that Fen may enter the picture and become that nagging someone. Could Fen become a threat to Kyle and Lola’s pending relationship? Brother Rey doesn’t seem to approve of Abbott, and Fen might harbor resentment for Kyle from his past with Summer.

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6. New Love Triangle?

Fen is returning to Genoa City with a bang, and now that Summer isn’t around, he will need someone to occupy his romantic thoughts. While Summer played an interesting role in trying to keep Lola and Kyle apart, now that she’s skipped town, could Fen take her place in this Y&R love triangle? Only time will tell!

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5. Reed Returns

Speaking of comebacks, fans should expect Reed Hellstrom, played by actor Tristan Lake Leabu, to stroll back into Genoa City come December 10th. Will his return be to help celebrate the holiday season, or will it be around his father’s murder investigation? Stay tuned Y&R fans, his return may be for both reasons!

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4. J.T. Murder Investigation

Rey has been hot on the investigation trail, and it seems very unlikely that he’ll slow down, even with the holidays approaching. He seems very busy juggling his estranged wife coming to town, dealing with the awkwardness of her affair with his brother, and trying to manage his feelings for Sharon. But will Rey get to the bottom of what happened to J.T.? There is a good possibility this will happen in December. Rey is getting very close.

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3. Billy Faces Reality

Billy will have to come to terms with the situation he is in come December, as Y&R spoilers state that “reality” will set in. Could this be in regard to work or personal life? It seems to all be failing right now when it comes to the youngest Abbott son; however, here’s hoping things turn around for him come 2019.

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2. Shick Vs. Phick

Sharon seemed very hurt that Nick moved on (so quickly) with Phyllis when she caught the two in a compromising position at his home. It felt like old times: Sharon pouting; Nick running to her defense; and Phyllis losing her crap that Nick was still hung up on Sharon, even after all these years. Good old nostalgia gets Y&R fans riled up all the time, but are audiences seeing a revival (of sorts) between the classic Sharon/Phyllis/Nick love triangle?

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1. Jack and Kerry

Y&R spoilers have teased that Jack is set to experience an upswing in his love life, and new character and Jabot executive Kerry seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered. Will they continue to grow closer as the holiday season unravels? Most likely. They make a very cute couple.

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