Young And The Restless: Spoilers For January 2019

Published on January 2, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

The warm and fuzzy feelings from the holidays are all but a distant memory at this point, as Young and the Restless (Y&R) viewers look on to an explosive January 2019. Learn more about what will happen to Victor, Nikki, Vicky, Sharon, Cane, Reed, Charlie, and more in our 12 Y&R spoilers for January 2019.

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12. J.T.’s Death Exposed

Y&R spoilers for January tease that the truth will come out around J.T.’s death and the ladies who tried to cover it all up will be exposed. Having said that, a bigger mystery will emerge around this storyline once all the chips fall. Someone will take responsibility for his death, but this will add some chaos, and propel Vicky, Phyllis, Sharon, and Nikki into a dangerous situation.

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11. Nick And Phyllis

J.T.’s death exposed will create massive conflict for Nick and Phyllis. Y&R January spoilers indicate that Phyllis will try and protect herself around the entire situation, which ultimately causes massive issues between the newly-reunited couple. Seems like Nick and Phyllis most likely won’t make it past January when it comes to this relationship.

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10. Vicky and Cane Conflict

As many fans are aware, Reed will come clean around his role in Nikki’s hit-and-run, and a furious Victoria will head to Cane’s house to confront the newly-single dad about Charlie (as Reed drove the car that hit Nikki because his friend was drinking). The two will argue, with harsh words exchanged on both parts, and they’ll end up kissing.

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9. New Couple Alert?

While Vicky and Cane agree to never speak about what happened or allow themselves to get caught up in the moment again, January spoilers tease this isn’t the last time Y&R viewers will see these two in a compromising position. Lily is away in prison, and while Vicky and Billy try to reconcile, they’ll find stumbling blocks along the way too.

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8. Lily Changes

It may be easy for Cane’s eye to wander to Victoria in the new year. After all, Y&R January spoilers tease that fans should expect to see a huge personality change in Lily come early 2019. In fact, she’ll alter herself to fit into prison life easier, and Lily’s family will find it hard to connect with her in the coming weeks.

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7. Billy And Vicky

While their holidays as a family was seemingly a success, and Billy has confided in Jack that he wants to give the relationship another go, Y&R January spoilers indicate that Vicky will feel conflicted over her feelings for Billy, which will enhance after her kiss with Cane. To boot, their reunion will also suffer a blow after the truth around J.T.’s murder bubbles up.

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6. Kyle, Lola, and Fen

Y&R January spoilers tease a ton of drama around the Lola/Fen/Kyle love triangle. While the two broke up before Christmas, Kyle will want Lola back come early 2019. Expect these two young men to butt heads in January as each of them vies for her attention. Speaking of Fen, spoilers indicate that Michael and Lauren will continue to feel stressed around Fen’s recent career change and life choices.

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5. Jill Returns!

Actress Jess Walton reprises the role of Jill Abbott come early January, and she’ll return with a huge storyline. She will arrive in Genoa City with some surprising news, but spoilers also indicate she’ll be there for a family member. It seems that she’ll not only confide in Cane about something, but Cane will also let her in on a secret. Not hard to figure out that she’ll probably help to cover up the Vicky/Cane kiss, but when the truth hits the fan, wonder how Billy will feel about his mother’s actions?

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4. Rosales Drama

Y&R January spoilers indicate that Arturo will try and fight temptation, and it seems like this has to do with his sister-in-law, Mia. She’ll try to continue to repair her marriage with Rey; however, she will feel drawn towards Arturo. Rey will also find it hard to fight the feelings he has for Sharon this month.

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3. Newman Pacts

With all the drama surrounding the Newman clan, the family will rally together (despite past rivalries) to face the conflict going on in their lives head-on. First and foremost, January Y&R spoilers tease that Victor and Nick enter a pact together, most likely to protect Nikki and Vicky. Speaking of, Nikki and Victor will come to an agreement on something in early 2019 as well. They fight, but the Newmans also always stick together.

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2. Traci Struggles

Traci has a heart of gold and is the only Abbott who is never up to any scheming. She’ll continue to try and spread support, understanding, and kindness throughout her family, trying to be the glue to keep them all holding on. She’ll be a good source of support to the many family members that need her this month.

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1. Jack And Kerry

Speaking of, January Y&R spoilers indicate that Jack will continue to woo Kerry come the new year; however, he will come to learn that she is hiding a secret or two as well. What does this mean for the emerging Genoa City super couple? Sounds like a stumbling block, but not the end of the road for them.

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