Young And The Restless: Spoilers For November 2018

Published on October 30, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

November is a great month in the land of daytime drama thanks to sweeps, and fans of the Young and the Restless (Y&R) can expect some pretty incredible moments on the show within the next four weeks. Learn more about what will happen to Lauren, The Newmans, Jabot Cosmetics, The Abbotts, Devon, Phyllis, and others in the Y&R spoilers for the month of November 2018.

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13. New Character Alert

Y&R spoilers for November indicate that Lola will try her best to play family peacekeeper between Arturo and Rey this month. Unfortunately, a new twist in this family saga comes in the form of Rey’s ex-wife, and Mia (played by actress Noemi Gonzalez) will land in Genoa City in-and-around November 12th.

12. Summer Plays Her Games

Speaking of Lola, Kyle will try with all his might to prove to Lola that he wants to pursue a relationship with her; however, Summer will make it difficult for these two to move forward. Since conquering her Billy quest, she’ll be focused on pushing Kyle’s buttons and sabotaging this couple.

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11. Billy Turns To Sharon

Not sure if this is a new couple alert, as these two already had a night together years ago, but with things looking bleak for Billy in early November (no girlfriend and no CEO position at Jabot), Y&R spoilers indicate that these jilted lovers affected by Phyllis and Nick’s one-nighter will commiserate together. Which seems about right, since their exes will turn to each other too.

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10. Nick And Phyllis

One would think these two would stay far away from each other considering their one-night stand landed them in a huge amount of trouble; however, Y&R spoilers for November indicate otherwise. As the month progresses, these two will reconnect and bond over Billy tricking Summer into bed. Nick and Phyllis have always had a ton of chemistry together, so Y&R fans should gear up for some steamy and flirty scenes between them.

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9. Jabot CEO Position

Y&R spoilers for November indicate a ton of drama at Jabot. Now that Ashley has walked away with most of the company’s products and patents, everyone is scrambling in damage control mode. One thing the remaining Abbott family members in Genoa City have been working on is trying to form a united front, which is something that could finally happen in November. It seems someone outside the company wants that role of CEO, and Jack, Billy, Traci, Abby, and Kyle will need to put their differences aside to defend.

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8. Love Life

While Jack may be preoccupied with Jabot and business, he also needs to sprinkle some romance into his life. Y&R spoilers for November indicate that there may be a love interest on the horizon for him, so here’s hoping it is someone new, and not a recycled ex (looking at you, Phyllis Summers).

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7. Abby Pursues A New Venture

Watching brother Nick dive into Dark Horse and establishing his own business inspires Abby in November. She decides to branch out with something new on her own. In other Abby spoiler news, she will find out something quite disturbing, and it has to do with new boyfriend Arturo and his past.

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6. Devon Tries To Move On

Sadly, poor Devon will still be struggling come November, trying to live his life without Hilary. Good news is that he may have a chance at a glimmer of happiness once again. An important person from his past will resurface, and they may play a huge role in helping him get his life back on track.

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5. Lauren Deals With The Unexpected

While Lauren will have no issues when it comes to work life, as her business continues to flourish, she’ll have to deal with some personal stuff in November. First off, she’ll get some sort of unexpected invitation, and as the month wears on, she and Michael will have someone walk back into their orbit that they weren’t anticipating. Anyone think it may be Sheila Carter?

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4. Shacking Up

Tessa and Mariah are doing well as a couple and come November, they’ll want to take that next step in their relationship and share some space. Y&R spoilers indicate that there may be trouble on the horizon, as Mariah will learn that you don’t know your girlfriend that well until you move in together.

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3. Blackmailer’s Identity Revealed

Nikki, Sharon, Vicky, and Phyllis are trying with all their might to keep J.T.’s murder a secret; however, obstacles keep falling into their way. Y&R spoilers indicate that the identity of the person who tried to recently blackmail the ladies will be revealed in November, and Victoria proves to be her father’s daughter in the entire ordeal. Blackmailer … watch out!

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2. Rey Shocks

Y&R spoilers are teasing a shocking announcement from Rey in November. This could be linked to his ex-wife Mia’s debut, or it could be related to the blackmailer reveal above. Rey could very well have tried to bait the ladies by blackmailing them, to see if they would reveal anything. Stay tuned for this to unfold because it sounds like it is going to be big.

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1. Victor Takes A Stand

Y&R spoilers for November state that a mysterious person is out to get the Newman family, and Nikki and Victor will do everything in their power to protect their loved ones. Whether this has to do with J.T.’s murder cover up or something else, Victor is sure to come out on top. He always does.

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