Young And The Restless: Spoilers For July 2019

Published on June 28, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

The land of Genoa City always seems to get that much more exciting once summer hits, and July will prove to be an interesting month for Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans. Learn what will happen to Adam, Phyllis, Chelsea, Nick, Victor, Kola, and others in these crazy and surprising Y&R spoilers for July 2019.

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12. Chelsea Lays Her Cards Out On The Table

Chelsea will officially dive into storylines in early July, and this is a moment most Y&R fans have been waiting for. Spoilers tease that she’ll make it very clear upon her return that she has no interest in reuniting with Adam, and that she came to town simply to let him know this.

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11. Chelsea Chooses Team Nick

In fact, Y&R spoilers state that she’ll come back and let Nick know he has her full support. She will also give Adam an ultimatum of sorts to try and push him to stop his custody suit. Will it work? Probably not, but expect Nick and Chelsea to team up in a fight against Adam come July.

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10. New Character Alert

Turns out that Chelsea does indeed have a new husband, who will make his presence known and very soon. As per Soap Opera Digest, character Calvin Boudreau is set to hit Genoa City on July 2nd, played by actor John Burke. Seems like Chelsea may not have been in it for love this time around, as Calvin is a bit older, and doesn’t seem like her type; however, only time will reveal the real truth around this relationship.

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9. Momma Drama

Lola’s mom Celeste recently jumped into Genoa City, surprising her at a wedding show that Abby threw in her honor. Y&R spoilers suggest that Kyle will work hard to impress Celeste in the coming weeks, and it may be difficult to win her over. All of Lola’s family members have always been skeptical of Kyle being the right fit for Lola, and it seems like Celeste might be the hardest Rosales to win over, yet.

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8. Issues For Kola?

Y&R spoilers also tease that Celeste will cause Kola some complications as the two prepare for their wedding day. Will Rosales’ disapproval of Kyle create a wedge between this super couple, or could Celeste actively work to try and tear the two apart in July before they can say, “I do?” Only time will tell!

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7. Summer’s Move

Y&R spoilers seem to tease that while she’s made some progress lately at Lola’s shower, Summer may start to take a few steps back in July. She’ll push her luck to some extent, which may raise some eyebrows around town, and most certainly will have Kyle believing she is up to no good.

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6. Victor’s Health

Y&R spoilers are suggesting that Victor’s health may take a turn for the worse, and he will gather the family and keep them abreast of what is going on. While they all may worry about his wellbeing, this is The Moustache we are talking about! He may be done, but he’ll never give up on fighting this.

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5. Risky Move

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor will take a huge chance on something, and it seems that Newman will try some experimental treatment to fight his ailing condition. Teasers are hinting this trial could lead to some risky and huge side effects, which may have The Moustache struggling with daily routines come July.

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4. Victoria’s Revenge

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victoria will have revenge on the brain in July. She’s not too pleased with Adam and she’ll want to prove to dear old dad that she is more than worthy to be running Newman Enterprises. She’ll have her eye on Dark Horse, and with teasers implying that Phyllis may soon be leading that company, this should make for an interesting matchup in July.

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3. Another Character Return?

With Adam, Kevin, Chloe, and Chelsea returning to Genoa City, should Y&R fans brace themselves for another character comeback? Actress Jessica Collins, who played Avery Clark, recently hopped on Instagram to tease that she was all set to reprise one of her favorite roles! Nick is single right now, and with actress Michelle Stafford reprising her Phyllis role, could the sisters be reunited at some point in July? All arrows seem to be pointing in that direction!

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2. Phyllis Is On To Kevin

Y&R spoilers tease that Red will be onto Kevin and his schemes in early July during a confrontation. She’ll be looking at a computer when she puts two-and-two together, and will then accuse him of something … but will that “something” be about kidnapping her? Phyllis is very intuitive, and it won’t take long for her to realize what Kevin was up to.

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1. Cane & Traci

Y&R spoilers suggest that the unlikely couple of Cane and Traci will continue to “get a little closer” in July. The two have been very good friends, and as of late, it seems that both are wishing for a little bit more; however, could Lily throw a wrench in these plans down the road? Hard to say, but expect this love to continue to blossom in July.

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