Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Summer 2019

Published on June 20, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

There is tons going on in Genoa City right now, from returning characters and actresses to new faces and more, setting things up for an explosive summer on the Young and the Restless (Y&R). Many viewers love to anticipate “what comes next” and with storylines unfolding it’s hard not to speculate. With that said, below are some crazy Y&R summer plot predictions that could unravel during summer 2019.

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12. Adam & Sharon

While she makes a great couple with Rey, it’s hard not to see the sparks flying between Adam and Sharon, especially since Chelsea seems very uninterested in reuniting with her former husband. Sharon loves Rey and that is very clear, but as past feelings continue to surface, she will likely give in to temptation as the summer progresses.

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11. End Of Shey?

But Shadam hooking up won’t be the end of Sharon and Rey. Sharon will most likely lie to Rey and cover up her affair with Adam. The two will probably have a one-night stand, which will leave Sharon feeling guilty about what she’s done. Adam and Sharon will stay friends, hoping to deflect any idea that they hooked up, while Rey will continue to fume about Newman being in the picture.

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10. Sharon’s Pregnant

As the summer turns to fall, Sharon could find out she’s pregnant, and a child is something Rey desperately wants. If that happens, Adam and Sharon’s lie around a hookup could be a storyline that stretches well into 2020. She’ll be placed in a very hard position, because if she were to wind up being preggers, Rey would be over-the-moon with excitement. Having said that, the guilt of her lie (and affair) with Adam would eat her up inside.

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9. Chelsea’s Return

Y&R spoilers suggest that Chelsea is making her way back to Genoa City, and fans should expect to see her pop up sometime within the early weeks of summer. She’s said to have found a new husband, but that could be a lie (she is a con artist after all). She seems a little disinterested in Adam, and was last linked to Nick. Could she return to help Nick fight for Christian and sole rights to Connor for herself? If the two put up a united front, they may be able to fend off Adam’s custody suit.

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8. Who Gets Christian?

But will they succeed? Chelsea has rights as Connor’s biological mother, so there is probably little concern on her end when it comes to Adam; however, she may be hoping to keep the boy away from Newman’s influence altogether. Having said that, while Nick has raised Christian for years now, he is merely his blood-related uncle. If Adam fights for Christian, he’ll gain custody for the boy in a snap, leaving Nick a heartbroken mess.

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7. Nick & Chelsea

Chelsea left on very awkward terms and despite the fact that she may have a new man in her life, a piece of her heart will always belong to Nick. Could we see these characters hook back up, if they join forces against Adam? It’s a good possibility, especially with Nick being single right now. He’ll be cautious when Lawson first returns to town, but sparks will fly, and Nick might warm up after time.

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6. Chloe’s Return

Chloe Mitchell is also set for an explosive return to the Y&R, and very soon. While Adam has warned Kevin to keep Chloe in check, perhaps the reality of it all is that he is working with her for some unknown reason. Adam has texted someone unknown in the past, and perhaps he has an alliance with her that hasn’t been explained as of yet.

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5. Kevin’s Dark Personality

We are seeing a darker version of Kevin right now, so who’s to say he hasn’t snapped during his time away from Genoa City? Perhaps Chloe isn’t be held back because she’s out of control, maybe Fisher is the one keeping her locked up, and a mental health issue is holding him back from remembering this.

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4. Momma Rosales & Jackie

Celeste Rosales — mom to Arturo, Rey, and Lola — is set to hit the Y&R soon, and spoilers tease she’ll be all in when it comes to planning the Kola wedding. So much so that she may cause issues between Lola and Kyle. But, could she also create a little romance for Jack? He’s just met a new friend; however, Celeste may be the lady that creates some true love sparks in his life.

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3. And Lauren Makes Three

Jack and Lauren have always been friends, but things between them seem so much different as of late. Y&R spoilers are suggesting that Michael will dive back into his darker side (much like bro Kevin) this summer when he’s placed in a difficult situation. Could the change in her hubby cause Lauren’s eyes to wonder? Or would Celeste potentially create a jealous stir in Lauren, as she has gotten closer to Jack? There is a possibility that Jack, Celeste, and Lauren could turn into an interesting love triangle.

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2. Victor’s Decision

Heading over to see what may happen at Newman Enterprises, fans know that Victor’s health is fading, and the patriarch of the Newman clan is getting to an age where he might start thinking about handing over the company to a new leader. With four bright (and capable) children, spoilers indicate that The Moustache will be making a huge decision come the summer months. Adam is running Dark Horse right now and Abby seems preoccupied with the restaurant, which leaves Nick and Vicky. Nick is a great businessman, but Vicky has stayed true to the company after all these years. Vicky may end up taking the reigns (entirely) at Newman, come summer.

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1. Villy In Trouble

With the added stress at work and Adam’s shenanigans, this could take a toll on the recently reunited Billy and Victoria. While Philly is long and done with, adding actress Michelle Stafford back into the Genoa City mix could really change things up. Philly has a history, but that history has been with actress Gina Tognoni’s version of Red. Will fans be privy to a rekindling of this super couple, with a different chemistry spin?

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