Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For When The Show Returns

Published on June 3, 2020. Updated July 13, 2020

Classic theme weeks and reruns can be a fun distraction; however, fans of Young and the Restless (Y&R) just can’t wait to re-dive into the world of Genoa City and pick up where we left off on current storylines! What will happen now that Adam knows the truth? Will Sharon win her battle against cancer? Will fans ever learn why Amanda looks so much like Hilary? Below are some Y&R plotline predictions when filming resumes after lockdown restrictions are removed.

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13. Current Health Situation In Storylines?

Actor Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) chatted via video call with New Orleans’ 4WWL in early May, talking about Y&R’s theme weeks and classic episodes. While he did not give any indication about a return date – one has not been set yet – he was asked whether or not the soap would incorporate the current pandemic into storylines. While soap operas tend to stay away from real-life circumstances, as they are an “escape” for audiences, if social distancing is a priority, and potentially a priority during filming … could the Y&R decide to incorporate some sort of “virus” into storylines to help adhere to this within scenes? They could certainly address and relay some of the impacts and feelings that audiences could identify with.

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12. Adam’s Denial … At First

Last we left Adam, his dad Victor had laid out the harsh truth that he was, in fact, responsible for AJ Montalvo’s passing. Adam had a difficult time really believing this; however, once fans bounce back into the (current) land of Genoa City when filming resumes, he’ll see and understand that things happened the way Victor is saying.

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11. Victor Broken

Victor can be a lot of things, but he does love his children. Last we left the Moustache he did seem very broken about the truth coming out. While he’s lashed out at Adam in the past, Victor still wanted to protect his son. He’s not thinking of Adam the adult — he’s thinking of Adam the child. His heart will mourn the fact that the truth is out. He’ll feel as if he failed Adam, and his promise to Hope.

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10. Adam Has A Mental Breakdown

Once the truth really hits Adam, and how he’s blacked this incident out of his memory all these years, he’ll surely have a mental breakdown. While things will be hard for Victor and Adam for a while, they may eventually come together and create a bond that is stronger than ever. But, that could be at the cost of the relationships between him and his other kids.

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9. Victoria Will Unleash A Wrath

Vicky is still pretty upset about how things went down. Despite how Adam is always causing chaos, Victoria’s feathers were ruffled at the lengths her dad went to in to protect him and how he snatched away her CEO position without batting an eyelash. Once Y&R starts airing new episodes, it won’t be a shock to see Vicky unleash a wrath on her family, placing Nikki in the middle of things, and potentially trying to solicit Nick on her side.

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8. Adam Pushes Chelsea Away

Back to Adam, he may feel so down in the dumps that he decides to push Chelsea away. He’ll feel like he is far too toxic for her and Connor, and he’ll take the initiative to move out of the apartment to keep his distance. No matter how hard she tries to pull for him, he’ll continue to do things to keep her away, which may even include having an affair, just to turn her off.

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7. Adam and Phyllis

Might sound way off base, but Phick isn’t meant to last forever, and if Nick ends up “feeling sorry” for Chelsea when she gets dumped by Adam, this could infuriate Phyllis. Especially if Chelsea starts leaning on Nick after her breakup with Adam (even as a friend). Phyllis may be genuinely concerned for Adam, fate could lead to them drinking together at the same bar one night, and after way too much alcohol, these two could cross the line. This scenario could also be purposely concocted by Adam to get Chelsea so upset that she moves on without him.

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6. Theo Redeems Himself

Across town, it seems as if his Jabot firing might hopefully knock some sense into him, and the last we saw Theo, he was making amends with Mariah. He was also “listening” in on a Chancellor Communication meeting (as they chatted about social media), so it will only be a matter of time before he heads to that company for an opportunity. Can he start there with a clean slate? Seems as if Theo might decide to move away from his scheming and become a man that Lola can really fall for.

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5. Chancellor Communications Chaos

Speaking of, with the team continuing to grow, and getting down to real business, it won’t be long before there is a ton of drama at Chancellor Media, as ideas and strategies clash among leaders and employees. If Theo joins the group, could lines be divided between “Abbott” family members (Vanderway, Billy, and Traci) and the non-Abbotts Amanda and Lily? Mariah is in need of job … so she could be headed to Chancellor Communications, too.

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4. Amanda Digs

Amanda will dig into her past. As she gets closer to Nate, he’ll encourage her to look into her roots. It’ll take a long while before she finds even a hint of what she’s looking for, but something has to surface around a connection to Hilary. A twin storyline seems too hokey and has been overplayed (on all soap operas), so perhaps it’ll end up that she is a sibling or a cousin. Some sort of family link to Hilary will surface.

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3. Sharon’s World

Sharon will win her battle against cancer in the weeks and months after filming resumes. She’ll only grow that much closer to Rey, and shortly after she is declared cancer-free, Rosales will pop the question. Sounds like a Shey wedding is on the horizon! These two just make sense together.

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2. Chance & Abby’s Surprise

Chance and Abby have some incredible chemistry, and their relationship is so very “fun” and “fresh” right now. With that said, it could get serious and fast. If Abby winds up pregnant, this could change the dynamics of their relationship. There will be some struggles, but they may both find out there is so much more to them then just what happens in the bedroom.

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1. Chloe’s Post-Partum

Actress Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) has happily welcomed a baby girl into this world this past March; therefore, when filming resumes, Chloe will also welcome her and Kevin’s baby boy! Soap operas have always offered an important platform to raise awareness around mental health, so perhaps Chloe’s character can help create dialogue and understanding around how some mothers struggle after having a baby via a post-partum storyline.

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