Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For April 2022

Published on March 31, 2022.

Looks as if April will be an over-the-top month in the land of Genoa City! What does Victoria have planned for Ashland? Will Michael and Lauren be okay? What kind of drama is Diane set to unleash? The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans can’t help but speculate on storylines! As such, below are Y&R plotline predictions for April 2022.

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12. Victoria Has Known All Along

It’s hard not to see that Vic’s got something major planned for Ashland. She’s been more than patient with Locke’s lies and has over-extended herself to be accommodating, despite all his deceit. Maybe Victoria has known for a while now that Locke has been lying to her? Perhaps whatever she has in store for Ashland in Tuscany is something she’s been organizing for a while now.

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11. Vic Proves She’s Her Father’s Daughter

Vicky will completely bamboozle Ashland on their trip. Nobody tries to fool Victoria Newman and gets away with it! Maybe the two aren’t even headed to Tuscany at all! Vic has the money, power and private jet to take Locke anywhere in the world. Once she gets him to an undisclosed location, she’ll make him wish he’d never laid eyes on her or her company.

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10. The Infamous Contract

Locke seemingly signed a co-CEO contract weeks ago, but it’s hard to fluff off that he barely read the conditions once the paper was presented to him. Victoria has played the role of duped wife to the tee, even around her family, but what if she’s been onto Ashland for a while now? She may have been onto him since he requested co-CEO status? Do any other Y&R fans out there feel as if that contract wasn’t a co-CEO contract, after all? Maybe there were some interesting stipulations in the document? Maybe it was separation papers!

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9. Issues Between Billy And Lily?

Y&R spoilers suggest that Lily’s about to stop her boyfriend’s new project, something he seems quite passionate about. If Winters pulls rank over Billy, could issues arise between these two? Mr. Abbott has been excited about his podcast, and Lily pulling the rug out from under his ambitions could rub him the wrong way.

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8. Billy Turns To Vicky

Victoria and Billy seemingly had a moment recently when she confided in him about her current hubby’s lies. Mr. Abbott remains protective over his ex and the mother of his children, and fans can see there’s still a bond between “Villy”, despite their differences as of late. If Lily cuts the cord on his podcast, he could turn to Vicky for advice and support. Nothing would happen between these two exes in April, but they may start to be “friendlier” now that Vic has shed herself of Ashland.

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7. Trouble In Paradise For Lauren And Michael

Thank goodness Michael is okay! Could there be trouble in store for him and his relationship, though? It’s certainly not his fault that he was kidnapped in Peru, but if he continues to do the Moustache’s bidding, Lauren may have a major problem with it. Also, could Michael suffer from a little PTSD of his own in the weeks ahead? Getting kidnapped can be traumatic… just ask Mariah!

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6. Devon Starts To Feel Jelly 

Speaking of PTSD, Chance is showing signs of improvement. Looks like therapy was a great decision for him. As his self-esteem and confidence grow around fatherhood, could Devon start to feel a tad jelly? As babies grow, they change. Could Dominic’s bond with Chance strengthen, leaving Hamilton feeling insecure? Would he demand more time with his bio son? How would “Chabby” feel about that?

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5. Rey Takes Last Place

Sharon’s got her hands full with her kids lately. She’s helping Tessa and Mariah with wedding plans and assisting Faith will college applications and campus visits, not to mention keeping a close eye on Noah. All of her kids are grown up, so one would think they wouldn’t need this much attention or occupy so much of her time. Regardless, Rey will continue to feel neglected in his marriage. “Shey” has only been married for just over a year. The honeymoon can’t be over just yet… or is it?

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4. Chelsea Turns On The Charm

Chelsea will continue to turn on the charm where Rey is concerned. As the month of April progresses, she and Rosales will establish a nice friendship and may even start texting each other to meet up. While Sharon hasn’t exactly taken notice as of yet, she may by the end of the month.

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3. Diane Heads To Genoa City

Now that Diane has revealed herself to Jack, it won’t take long for her to head back to her old stomping ground, sometime in April. She’ll make the rounds: running into Nick, Victor, Nikki and of course, she’ll find time to visit her old friend Michael. Fans should also expect a confrontation between her and Phyllis, at some point next month.

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2. Allie Disappears

Allie is a young lady who is grieving the loss of her father. She looks like the type of person who shies away from drama and may even be turned off by it. After the dust settles with Diane’s return, Allie will disappear for a couple of weeks. She’ll ghost Jack and not return any of his calls. But something is bound to happen to bring Allie back into Abbott’s orbit, in mid-to-late April.

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1. A Medical Emergency

Someone may need medical attention, perhaps Allie, little Harrison, or even Kyle. Jack’s other son is set to return to the show soon. While the logical answer for the return is his mom, what if it’s about something else? What if Kyle or little Harrison is sick and needs bone marrow, blood, or something of that sort from a family member? What if they are desperate for a match because no one else in town fits the bill? Jack would undeniably contact Allie, and she’d agree to help.

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Young And The Restless: Spoilers For April 2022

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Young And The Restless: Spoilers For April 2022

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