Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For December 2019

Published on November 27, 2019.

One final month to 2019, and it seems as if Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans should anticipate the year to go out with a bang! There’s nothing more soap opera audiences love to do than to speculate, so as such, below are some interesting Y&R plotline predictions for December 2019.

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12. Connor Continues To Struggle

Despite all Chelsea and Adam are doing to help their son out, Connor will most likely continue to struggle in early December. The kid has been through a lot, and it is a very good thing that both of his parents are so focused on helping him through this. Here’s hoping there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

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11. Chadam Reunion For Connor’s Sake?

There is still chemistry (and love) between Adam and Chelsea, but Lawson clearly also has feelings for Nick and has made a commitment to him. Will she do the unthinkable and reunite with Adam for Connor’s sake this Christmas? Y&R spoilers do seem to tease that Chadam will try and do anything to get their son out of this funk.

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10. True Meaning Of Christmas

Y&R spoilers also suggest that The Moustache and Nikki will receive a gift during the holidays where they see the true meaning of Christmas unravel. Could Connor run away or go missing, only to be brought back on Christmas Eve? Having anyone in their family gone and then returned would be the ultimate present for this couple. Their loved ones mean the world to them.

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9. Chance & Abby

There is a ton of chemistry and sparks between Abby and Chance right now, and the two are sure to get closer during the holiday season. That is, if his job duties can keep him in town, as they do tend to have him traveling the world, for the most part.

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8. More Woes For Grand Phoenix

But, what if another opportunity to keep Chance in Genoa City for good? With all the security woes the Grand Phoenix is experiencing right now, could Abby make Chance an offer he can’t refuse by asking him to head her company’s security department? Or to investigate Phyllis? This could keep him in town for a little while longer … just enough for these two to hit super couple status. #ChabbyForever

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7. Chance Propositioned

Still, Y&R spoilers tease that Chance will be propositioned at some point in December. It could very likely be Abby who does this, but Chance has also shared some interesting scenes with Phyllis, someone who installed the security system in the hotel to begin with. Could these two get a little closer in December?

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6. Nick and Phyllis

Then, there is the idea of a Nick and Phyllis reunion, which has been teased a ton on screen as of late. The chemistry between actress Michelle Stafford and actor Joshua Morrow is undeniable, and with Chelsea preoccupied with Connor and Adam, these two exes hooking up is a reality. Plus, Y&R spoilers do state the two will take a trip down memory lane this month. Reminiscing about their past romance, perhaps?

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5. Devon In An Accident

Y&R spoilers indicate that Elena and Nate will hope for a miracle this holiday season, which could mean that Devon is in some sort of accident. Why else would they collectively be praying for? They do share Devon in common. What if he gets hit by a truck while running a red light in his car, the same way Lily and Hilary did? The incident did occur about a year ago. Regardless, it seems like he may be in the hospital and really hurt sometime in December.

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4. The Abbott’s Christmas

While no information on this yet, Ashley Abbott is sure to join the family for the holidays, much like she did for Thanksgiving. The Abbott clan will most likely be celebrating Jack and Traci’s newly released book, and Theo and Kyle will be at each other’s throats. It sounds like a typical Abbott Family Christmas.

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3. Kevin’s Gift

Y&R spoilers suggest that Chloe will give Kevin the ultimate git this holiday season, so it seems pretty obvious that she’ll announce she’s having his baby! The actress who plays Chloe, Elizabeth Hendrickson, is also expecting, so it only seems natural that the character will be too. Great news for this couple, as Kevin missed out so much on Bella’s milestones.

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2. Mariah and Tessa Take The Next Step

Could a Chlevin baby inspire Tessa and Mariah to take the next step in their relationship? They seem pretty settled, as they just celebrated their one-year anniversary, so perhaps talking about parenthood just may be in order for these two during the holidays. Or, maybe it’s a suggestion Mariah throws out there, and Tessa rejects, which could cause some friction between the super couple.

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1. Sharon & Rey Engaged

It’s not Christmas in Genoa City without someone getting engaged, right? Sharon and Rey are doing very well right now, and with Adam more preoccupied with Chelsea, and Nick way out of the picture, could Rey (or Sharon), pop the big question? Fans of Shey would love nothing more than to see this happen.

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